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  1. First, I have VIP and sometimes I still have to wait in the queue. I can't see why someone thinks it is fair to have THOUSANDS AFK character while many people willing to play cannot log in, even to active their VIP status. Please, we are losing active players. I bet there are ppl out there running VM with 9+ clients open, each one with a low lvl char fishing or AFK at the dumb event. https://imgur.com/T8IV12f[/IMG] https://imgur.com/eqgJXMj https://imgur.com/QnIfY3E Easy solutions: - Fishing only for lvl 40+, or disable the mission that gives you 500 bait for free
  2. Just so you know, I'm VIP and have to wait on queue.. There are 1k + ppl fishing AFK for days. Also, you can't be VIP without log in once as free to play
  3. Bought coins, can't log in, nice. Why is it so hard to kick afk fishing, ffs Why is it so hard to restart the server? Why is it so hard to disable that dumb event that reward ppl for being AFK You are losing real paying costumers.
  4. FFS, kick AFK Fishing, AFK Event... let live players play.
  5. ok so, I can't login... and I need VIP to bypass the queue. If I buy 400 coins, and use it on other character (aden server) to get VIP 1, will I be able to bypass queue on TI?
  6. Please, consider restarting the server atleast every 4 hours or so until you can fix the queue. We are losing live players, yet more than half the server are AKF Fishing, Shops, Boxes or bots. It is a simple fix for the moment.
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