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  1. Paagrio Earring bug

    Hello, Its old problem and still not fixed. Paagrio Earring lv. 2 and higher unbalanced item in Cursed Swords Event. Standard character for example 115 lvl can hit - 20 dmg limit. Character 99 lvl with Paagrio Earring lv. 2 success - 3717 dmg. x185 diff dmg. The difference is really huge and there is no doubt that this is a bug Its ok if someone used it on main character like Archer / Wizard or Ertheia etc without trade. But when few Earrings trade per event for different ertheia (BOX) its turns into a large-scale abuse. Another problem its again abuse for different characters Dragon Weapon Stage 2 for Dignity to same Ertheia. Its ok if one guy used for few him boxes weapon, but for 10-15-20 Evi its so much for one event every day. In this case together with the earring, this is another addition to the abuse items. Lets remove dignity effect after log in to the game in this situation. When we did few times trade on Siege Cursed Swords its nerfed so fast (reuse skills 5 min) without any discuss and we cant use even normal giants skill augments till now. Because there option, use augment HP/CP or celestial or lose cooldown all skills from Cursed Weapon. After we got nerf exile from 60 sek to 15. x4 time! not even half... Thanks.
  2. Many ideas and astral fantasies. General and my personal problems and their solutions. Let's touch on some of them today. Dimensional Siege Siege is one of the main parts of our game. We cannot ignore it. Situation at this moment – dimensional siege total inactive. There x2 big problem. 1st problem – 1x Castle, its Aden Castle. 1 castle not enough for good move / action. Our game its about high gear / lvl / zerg (unification of clans and servers). One of these parties can completely control the defense and not give a chance to the rest. With many castles its hard control and there additional maneuvers. At least need activate minimum 3x Castles Aden + Rune + Giran. Even better ALL, its something… With this change may be middle Clans will have some actions. 2nd problem - motivation. Motivation its: 1) Reward and then 2) Fun. Updates going so fast last years but rewards like 5+ year ago without any change. Dark stones for armor / weapon not enough for our times. After many events and years reward from Aden Castle for example cost lower then need use potions/buffs for one top DD for 1 siege. So there need to make Reform. Possible new/additional reward: 1) High Clan Reputation (CRP) for Castle Defence: Aden/Rune/Giran 250-300k+ for one round; Gludio/Oren/Innadril etc – 100-200k+; 2) Additional items – for example active clan its around 5 partys+, so: 50 Detons Purple / Lucky Growth Scroll / Valiants or something another even for 30 days limits or the ability to use only on Dimensional Sever. That mean people will have temporary buffs that give bonus for pvp / fun. P.s. diff castles – diff amount. 3) Buffs or something runes for owner Castles on main serve (like Ceremony of Chaos). Etc... When people see good bonuses they will come and fight for them. Then fan will start again… Rocky Camouflage This year we have problem with skill Rocky Camouflage (STONE) from Aries Agathion Charm. Main problem that this skill unbalance, on 12 lvl Charm have 60 sek reuse. On our game we have a lot items/buffs/dual skills/ability points etc that reduce skill rollback. Together with all this move “smart” people start to use abuse same skill and after there window for even appear character. That mean character after “stone” without delay use again “stone”. Its not one guy who did same, you can see my proof from last siege. There a lot people who do same and its really hard to control them. Stone give extra defense and not all people have AoE skills for hit/control them and its additional time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa8BvRU9z8A <<<< few moments from last sieges Problems: 1. Possible non-stop reuse. That mean people with good setup can have perma stone; 2. Possible port to town inside stone. 3. Using hp/mp/cp pots inside stone. 4. Abuse with Mana Barrier Feoh. Top feoh with perma stone + mana barrier - very low chance for kill, because they can use pots inside and if not flagged even cant hit with AoE skills 5. Owners Castle have MP regeneration inside castle 3000%. That mean Wizards inside castle use stone+mp barrier with same regen +potions/elixir – almost no possible to kill. I’m understand if its class skill and only Iss Chanter can use same (profile skill), but for now its doing ALL classes. Impossible normal play if all time we see this stones. Last update have a lot penalty with skills and control. After party UD we have penalty for not use 2nd UD, same rhapsody… people can’t use repetition of defensive skills. Control skills like exile from cursed weapon 60 sek > 15 sek etc. it is necessary to cancel the influence reuse skill Rocky Camouflage. Items/buffs/dual skills/ability shouldn't influence him. Wizard skill Empody Mana Armor should not work simultaneously with Camouflage. Clan Reputation in general CRP we need for upgrade level our clans. How to collect it? Basic methods: 1) Heroes status from Dim server (half Chronos / half Naia); 2) CoC winner (1 guy per server); 3) Castle/Fortres Def; 4) Clan Quests?! After nerf mentee Quest it’s so low atm; 5) Clan War?! System need reform. Middle clans no have chance for more then 0-1-2 hero from Dimensional Oly! Its mean old clans without top gear/skilled ppl don’t have much chance to lvl up their clan. Because system mechanic asking much CRP for up and low choice how to do it. I’m understand if we speak about 13-14 lvl clans… but for 5-10 for example need change request or method up CRP. Clan War its about 1 CRP for 1 kill enemy. Because for now need millions CRP 1 CRP its old irrational meaning. Need minimum change for 25-50 CRP for one kill, that people will care about Clan War situation! Because resurrection – 100% exp back, 1 CRP – its nothing… people stop care about another main part in the game. Possibility additional way collect / farm CRP (quests etc). Thanks.
  3. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Hello, There easy solution for people who used same abuse. If items was used more then 1 time for restore, for example dragon ring was +4>5>failed>restore 5 / 5>6>failed>restore 6 etc, then best way make rollback to 1st restore, in our situation its +5. Good luck in the game.
  4. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Hello, Strange action from MS about same abuse. But really for sure they think if they can use MASS action will be nothing. Anyway, i don't care. For sure, "My teleport" system its wrong action, all used even close to pvP zone and with jumps + good reuse so fast possible come to "Cast roon" for interrupt someone. With new 3rd SA and jumps really not easy for casting Castle. Hope, soon they fix something for a bit fair game play. Thanks.
  5. Olympiad Disconnect Penalties

    Hello, This system unbalance. When you have 1400 pts for example and fight vs guy with 1400 pts its +-10 pts. If you win 1400 pts vs 1100 its for around 4-5 pts for example. If you got dc with 1400 pts you will lose 30++ On last week so rly hard up points, so this 30++ its almost lose hero and no chance for participate oly for hero. We need fix it for sure, with this one disconnect almost impossible go back to position. Thanks.
  6. Hello there, No need remove - need fix. I see few problems with same skill too: 1. Possible non-stop reuse. That mean people with good setup can have perma stone. - need to have penalty for use next one for example 5 sek. 2. Possible port to town inside stone. 3. Abuse with Mana Barrier Feoh. Top feoh with perma stone + mana barrier - very low chance for kill, because they can use pots inside and if not flagged even cant hit with AoE skills. - need remove mana barrier if character transform yourself to stone. 4. Using hp/mp/cp pots inside stone. Thanks.
  7. Warriors of our time

  8. More of an exploit

    Hello, Its right fix. Remember when I did same last hit together with OverDPS. And its was around 10 success vs 20-30 characters with cancel / paralysis DW3. Clan MAX said its like steal tactic and not good to use same. Hope they will vote for fair action, I’m right? (sarcasm) With best regards.
  9. Hello, For sure its good idea for add cooldown. But with this fix we have another problem. When owner Zariche/Akamanah weapon have to use Augment Skills from Giant Life Stone – they have big problem. I speak at least for x2 main skill for top players: 1. Giant’s Battle Roar (MAX HP/CP +10% for 5 min); 2. Giant’s Critical Damage (P. Critical Damage +15% for 5 min). That mean, when owner sword will use Augments from another weapon – skills from same Zariche/Akamanah always will have cooldown. Its main skills and people need keep these skills always! Its like owners Cursed Sword have choice what to use - Giants LS or skills from Cursed Weapons. How its possible fix: 1. Change duration time Giant skills for 15-20+ min. Why? Because there no any abuse for have same skill because they have few second reuse by self. And people with Cursed Swords will no have any problem. or 2. Change timer upon equip for Cursed Sword Weapon from 5 minute to 2. It’s already will fix same issue with trade weapon. Because did fix about same reuse will be fair make same rules with cooldown for Dragon Weapon Skills. Thanks. @Juji @Hime
  10. eXEQ7er - March 2020

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJEoIPefy9s
  12. eXEQ7er, Baium PvP

  13. eXEQ7er, Antharas Defense

    https://youtu.be/-xOE9snBFtw a bit trash pvp