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  1. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    Hello, Strange action from MS about same abuse. But really for sure they think if they can use MASS action will be nothing. Anyway, i don't care. For sure, "My teleport" system its wrong action, all used even close to pvP zone and with jumps + good reuse so fast possible come to "Cast roon" for interrupt someone. With new 3rd SA and jumps really not easy for casting Castle. Hope, soon they fix something for a bit fair game play. Thanks.
  2. Olympiad Disconnect Penalties

    Hello, This system unbalance. When you have 1400 pts for example and fight vs guy with 1400 pts its +-10 pts. If you win 1400 pts vs 1100 its for around 4-5 pts for example. If you got dc with 1400 pts you will lose 30++ On last week so rly hard up points, so this 30++ its almost lose hero and no chance for participate oly for hero. We need fix it for sure, with this one disconnect almost impossible go back to position. Thanks.
  3. Hello there, No need remove - need fix. I see few problems with same skill too: 1. Possible non-stop reuse. That mean people with good setup can have perma stone. - need to have penalty for use next one for example 5 sek. 2. Possible port to town inside stone. 3. Abuse with Mana Barrier Feoh. Top feoh with perma stone + mana barrier - very low chance for kill, because they can use pots inside and if not flagged even cant hit with AoE skills. - need remove mana barrier if character transform yourself to stone. 4. Using hp/mp/cp pots inside stone. Thanks.
  4. Warriors of our time

  5. More of an exploit

    Hello, Its right fix. Remember when I did same last hit together with OverDPS. And its was around 10 success vs 20-30 characters with cancel / paralysis DW3. Clan MAX said its like steal tactic and not good to use same. Hope they will vote for fair action, I’m right? (sarcasm) With best regards.
  6. Hello, For sure its good idea for add cooldown. But with this fix we have another problem. When owner Zariche/Akamanah weapon have to use Augment Skills from Giant Life Stone – they have big problem. I speak at least for x2 main skill for top players: 1. Giant’s Battle Roar (MAX HP/CP +10% for 5 min); 2. Giant’s Critical Damage (P. Critical Damage +15% for 5 min). That mean, when owner sword will use Augments from another weapon – skills from same Zariche/Akamanah always will have cooldown. Its main skills and people need keep these skills always! Its like owners Cursed Sword have choice what to use - Giants LS or skills from Cursed Weapons. How its possible fix: 1. Change duration time Giant skills for 15-20+ min. Why? Because there no any abuse for have same skill because they have few second reuse by self. And people with Cursed Swords will no have any problem. or 2. Change timer upon equip for Cursed Sword Weapon from 5 minute to 2. It’s already will fix same issue with trade weapon. Because did fix about same reuse will be fair make same rules with cooldown for Dragon Weapon Skills. Thanks. @Juji @Hime
  7. eXEQ7er - March 2020

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJEoIPefy9s
  9. eXEQ7er, Baium PvP

  10. eXEQ7er, Antharas Defense

    https://youtu.be/-xOE9snBFtw a bit trash pvp