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  1. After being unable to get past the server selection screen for 5 days, I was finally able to get logged in yesterday evening. Then with the wonderful emergency maintenance and the servers going down last night, (drumroll please) i cant get past the server selection screen again.
  2. It doesnt matter what you post or what you are trying to accomplish here. There are always going to be people that are either clueless, or like to stir the pot. I have to agree with Krissa and say that this game seems to be unhealthy for you. If you don't grow some thicker skin, you will just get more and more frusterated over a game that is suppose to be fun. Chill out and relax, if you are not a bot then you have nothing to worry about. Play the game, have fun, and dont give into people that are trying to get a rise out of you because you are letting them win.
  3. I am not sure if you misunderstood what I said. I could do without the event but my point is, if they are going to do an event, it should be something that everyone can have an equal shot at. Doing only on the weekend, many people miss out. I was just stating that it would make more since to do it every other week for a week straight where everyone has a chance instead of doing it 4 weekends straight where many people dont get to participate at all. I was pointing out that I dont see the sence in making an event that not everyone gets a fair shot at.
  4. When events are done, they need to be events that active players will benefit from equally. The weekend boost event sounds nice and all but it only benefits some of your player base. Instead of doing it every weekend, running it for a week every other week makes more sence because it makes it possible for those that work on weekends to be able to participate as well. I know this changes nothing and NC is set in their ways but I have never understood the thought process to the weekends only events.
  5. In my opinion, don't touch dyes for SK. I played one for years and started a new one on classic. I feel like its already a well balanced class and since you are a tank/mage/debuffer, messing with one stat to boost one area, you only hinder other skills. Just because you have the option to use dyes, its not always necessary. Just my thoughts ☺
  6. The deed is done. Please lock, and thank you. @Juji
  7. As the topic suggests. Send me a message if you are interested. Thank you.
  8. I'm sure you are breathing just fine. If it was that bad, you wouldnt be taking the time to post on the forum. The kids cool things to say nowadays are absolutely annoying.
  9. Thats as bad as people in game asking when maintenance is, right after the system message pops up telling everyone that maintenamce will be soon. Too many people lack the common sence to pay attention and even do a little research if necessary. Unless its something pressing that requires more time, maintenance is the same time, for 2 hours, on the same day, every week.
  10. Something similar happened to me on Gustin many years ago. Someone created a toon with a very similar name to a character in my clan that replaced the letter "i" with the letter "l". The funny part is, they didnt know that the character that they were acting like was my boxed buffer. Imagine the surprise when I got a pm from my "buffer" lol.
  11. "how hard is it to look at transaction logs and apply some common sense" It sucks that you got scammed but you should really take your own advice here. Double check EVERYTHING when purchasing or trading with another player before you confirm the transaction. NC will most likely not do anything and they have pointed out before to confirm what you buy or trade to avoid getting scammed. Once again, it sucks that you got scammed but you need to really pay attention. Its wrong of the scammer but you could have avoided it if you would have taken your own advice.
  12. I managed to wait in queue for 11 hours today, make it to 63, and get disconnected. I understamd the purpose of the queue, but its really getting frustrating. I work all weekend so I suppose I will try again on Monday.
  13. Has anyone else been getting constantly disconnected since right after maintenance yesterday?
  14. You can buy this book from the Gludio grocer for around 8k I believe.
  15. The best thing you can do here is make a mock character. Make whatever character pops up first and put in a random name. Select ok and enter the world. This will fully log you in and get you in the game. You are still technically part of the queue and on a timer on the character select screen until you fully log in. This means that if someone else in queue reaches 1 and logs in before you, you get kicked. So after you are in game, exit to the character select screen and make the character you actually want. Since you have already fully logged in, you don't have the time restraints that you had
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