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  1. Edit - and especialy organized cp in clan I took to long to edit the text, But I hope the point comes across ^^
  2. Hello! me and my friend is looking for an active clan who are aimed towards organised raid parties and simillar. it would be great if the clan was aimed towards an international audience with english as their main language ( and stationed in the GIRAN server ) We are a lvl 43 spellhowler ( Letor ) and a lvl 41 Shillen elder ( Zolah ), we are active daily and dont say no to a friendly chat or some brawl in the dungeon ^^ If you have any questions please feel free to either write in this thread, or PM us ingame. / Zolah and Letor

    Wow, I am actually surprised over these - I thougth Grim Collector was just a bad quest but when more of the same appears one starts to question it. Sure, its a little extra ontop adena drop but.. still..
  4. My First Million with Lineage

    if i direct a convo in swedish to another swede, i am not forcing it on anyone.
  5. My First Million with Lineage

    Wish I could give you a gold medal, this is great. id change the not speaking english to everything connected to shout, sales, world etc. One should be able to speak whatever language they want in general -
  6. 1 computer = 1 account

    I agree, and it feels sad that so many go ' But its how its supposed to be played, cause its played like that else where !' . well, to be honest. I think thats a part of the downfall of L2 before, why keep on with something thats apparently not good for a server. Go have fun, ask someone to PT, get to know people. Otherwise its just a clicker game that manages itself imo. I never really had a hard time with talking to people in game, majority are nice folks. And have a limit on boxing would help some, believe me. I question the motives for those who box a full party. also, I guess many of you are more well versed in reading stuff. where does it say its OK to box? and the definition of it? I just want to read it myself but couldnt find anything in the support section. ( PMs are welcome since this is really off topic )
  7. A way to make everyone happy

    just trying to picture this - I mean one cant just put on more monsters everywhere or increase spawn rate ( i guess ). I mean, what would it mean practically, like will it be harder to kill them off / easier to aggro more than you can chew?
  8. A way to make everyone happy

    serious question - how is the servers handling monsters and crowding when they have increased pop?
  9. I wouldnt mind tbh, would be easier in so many ways. But I think that era is long gone, only one i know of doing this still successfully is WoW. But i think thats cause they have alot of instant gratification so they swoop new and old players quick, and tbh, i dont like that myself xP
  10. Possible bug with online count

    Ah I understand now, good point !
  11. I think active ingame ( invisible would work ) mods wouldnt be to bad, so they can sweep the obvious adena sellers and such - kinda go heads on problems. ( I know visible would prolly get swamped by PMs etc ). Honestly I would like if boxing wasnt allowed, cause its both is imo cheating and making problems. It is basically one person who takes up multiple spots ( mostly for free what I can understand ). Or atleast limit it more, i mean its a MMO not a single player game. If everyone go fetch their own character for whatever needs they have, there is no need for teamwork. Otherwise I dont know what more one could do, I dont even know whats true about VIP anymore. cause I hear VIP people having issues with getting stuck in thee queue now ( could be ppl that didnt read about spending NCoins ingame as well but i have no clue how to be sure. forum rumors ) As is now, people are afraid of logging out and that slows down the servers even more. Only alternative i can see is opening up another simillar server and allow transfers ( or just another server i guess ). I can understand the issue of letting more ppl in on a server designed for a certain amount of people ( hard to get specific mobs, crowds etc ). But yeah, we need more creative topics like that so , good work on that Lawman
  12. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Id love to see ingame mods, either have them being visible there or just sweeping areas once in a while to remove obvious adena sellers. ( id guess they would be swarmed by ppl if they were visible )
  13. What to start with?

    Youre welcome, dont forget to like, comment and subscribe.
  14. Possible bug with online count

    That happened to me as well, but if i waited a few more seconds it worked to log in again per usual. Or is it still messing up for you even thou you done that?