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  1. SPAM : Fed up

    Hello everyone, I am spammed email to get adenas by paying in euros. Is there an opportunity to stop the spam abuse of this kind of person who is bad for the game? Cordially. PS : Sorry for English i'm French.
  2. Des Français sur GIran ?

    Salut à tous !! Y a-t-il un clan Français sur Giran ?
  3. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Better server for more players ... not sure it's a stable solution... more lag.. more seller ... more anoucement... and ... no mob for all
  4. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I think it's better to pay for an pet buffer (automatic) and no for a slot who make queue file... no ?
  5. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Giran : 1235 players in queue file... Suggestion : When i'm playing, i see people whit 2 caracters : 1 tank and 1 buffer who follow.... so 2 connections for one player... If you stop this method... No file will exist...
  6. limitation time to sell

    Hello !! (sorry for my english but i'm french) Impossible to connect server because to many people... hum to many bots...i think so. May be i have a solution to limit error connection and stop some bot : 1- if you limit time shop sell, somme bot will be out of connection and people can connect more easly.... 2- Another solution is to kick people who not move during period... so...