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  1. Actually they can easily put captcha for every 30minutes gameplay to kill the bot user Infact they didnt bother, this server like dead server which is abandoned by its publisher
  2. The only urges fix here is about the bot, triple more box(please limit to two as its more makesense), and lowering the early stage adena If people doesnt love hardcore grind server then maybe find server which is suit on em
  3. Actually the annoying thing isnt about rivalities of hooman spoiler against BOT spoiler Bot just destroy this game in so many aspect
  4. They shud make it more hardcore by lowering the amount of adena on the early stage of character also even the higher level one. Or maybe eventually just decrease more exp rate too. Spoil rate also keep in stay low just to make sure people keep in crawl for grind IMHO
  5. Currently average level is 25-30 activity top peak at 7-12pm GMT+7 at night also 7-12am GMT+7 morning Drop me PM ingame if u are interested got discord and relax people
  6. Spider quest never lied on ya Well dont get frustated too much if u play casual
  7. Heavy moon! For the freebies We are not 1000% mobs clearer as most of the times we need to deal with direct spank from mob
  8. Got Trident and some adena (just stated how much u want for the trade to be possible) Prefer to get winged spear PM me ingame (usually online from 7pm GMT+7 onward or drop me reply here so i can PM u)
  9. Get the spidy done, u will have enough money to buy short spear or even the top NG spear i just forgot da name After spidy u can just jump to abandoned camp for chasing level to 25. Dont rush for D low weapon as u can still maintain ur damage with top NG spear + SS till 30. After reach 30 u can just aim for glaive or whatever mid/top grade D spear u can afford
  10. Hello check on CROWN currently we are rolling on talking island and got some slot for tree. Mail me ingame for more info.
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