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  1. A mean a self heal skill like everybody have self buffs. LOL! We have pot buff a long time bro! Wait and see. L2 you will be only archer with self buff and self heal skills killing all on macro off!
  2. The game is 'changing' for only DD. The self buff is a example. Maybe in the next updated every toon will get a self heal too. Just wait... I am not joking this will happend!
  3. Why yesterday you do NOTHING when people get flag on Cyrax?
  4. I love this event! You can do 105 instance with only exalted gears and get the bonus!
  5. That is why there is no new players!
  6. I have the same problem. Is not even more 'free to play'. They can't solve this. They can't solve a lot of this. Solution? Creat a new account on another Internet. I did in my sisters house.
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