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  1. Well it happened to me... BLOCKED FOR NO REASON

    Yeah man, it happened to me as well. You'll get reported as a bot for multibox, it happens to me every day I play or try to play anyways lol.
  2. See the thing is Ericcb..the "locals" wouldn't miss any of ya. Most of the "locals" seem to be having issues getting logged into the game to use their vip and support the game. So I'll take the stand that they'd rather be able to log in and play, at the same time supporting the game, than having the free to plague BR members to begin with.
  3. Agreed. Having a paywall entry would have eliminated most if not all of the issues currently affecting NA players. EU players crying for more server times thrown their way, you got l2 classic EU, go get you some EU timezones. SA players are a plague to every game free to play, paywall would have kept them limited in number at best and the queue down for your NA playerbase that will/would spend some money.