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  1. If any of Naia winners want to sell their +16 weapons i would like to order slasher! ;D i can pay rly well! Contact me in game nickname: Uriel
  2. Congratulations to the winners! I want to share mine screen that was rly hard to prepare cuz I have to fly to Seed of Anihilation ;d I hope you will enjoy it!
  3. L2 Unbalanced

    This is how it looks. You can have all resistances game is giving to you and Yul or Feoh can still one shot you. Thats why server population is flooded by this classes cuz even w/o top gear you can do much more dmg than other classes. Ok They added some nice improvements now to Daggers and Tyrrs. but I will tell you something. My Tyrr got rly huge amount of DEF and PVP resistances. Even when i will burn my sheilds (+250% pdef from sword shield and resistance to crossbows bows and 250% m def) still i am 1 shot material ;p It will be much more enjoyable game if we could cap YULs and Feohs DMG cuz 1 shoting everyone no matter what stuff they got its just WRONG in so many ways. @Hime @Juji Please tell us what do you think.
  4. @Hime @Juji Can you please look after this for us? I was with my CP on Dimensional Warp also. Tested lowest and highest amount of crystal and also there was no IMP mob.