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  1. The end of xp event will finish the queue. What about all the dc i have been having after introduction of the chests?? Probably will be solved. Ill let you know in a day or two. Regarding jewels on l2 store,go to core and take a look at the "einhased coins" its there for over a month now. We will be getting this update anytime now. So simple math for you bro: ruby 5= 28k einhased wich cost about 80€. 80€ is 6400ncoin, 1ncoin selling arround 4m= 25.6b. So a ruby 5 for 25b-/+ on store you still think prices will go up?? And for the market/jewel controlers once this update comes o
  2. Whats the point of jewels be cheep or even having them if you cant play?? Constante dc huge lag... Soon we will be getting the jewels on l2 store(i bet after 17th aniv. Event) and then the prices will drop to less then half. Im happy with
  3. Now we talking! Great job guys. Just hope the dcs finish so we can have a great xp week! Well done
  4. Yep. Pay x in return of y. You dont get y but you lost x. Facepalm
  5. Theres a topic just above by Hime : "Beware Of Scams"
  6. I always played on illegal servers. Got tiered of re-rolling and re starting everytime the illegal server would close. So joind NC and i have to say i have never seen a server have so many issues... I think you would be ranked 201 on l2top200 server quality!
  7. 1. Portugal 2. No 3. Lag everywhere since last server maint. 4. For 1 month i have random dcs, if i port 2 characters to castilla i get dc on most of the them. Sometimes when i port into an instance = dc. And the new one is : pop a cake = dc after 10 sec
  8. Tersi is also something that need to be boosted. I remember players going crazey when tersi was up, lits of party getting started,ppl getting it on alts. Now i just dont care. Making 0,00001 and making 0,00002 is not woth the trip to town. Tersi needs to be boosted like 500% for an hour now to get ppl exited again about it
  9. @Hime3min to deadline. You guys need extra 10h? Better tell us staight, so i can turn of pc and go to sleep...
  10. Im from europe. When i started playing i came to chronos cause NA serveres always got updates fierst and had more player base. Now i regret. We only got bots here, late updates, and when we get them they dont work.... They had an event some time back to trade in anakim/lilith talisman into 7s. We should get that here. Server is full of usless lilith...
  11. @Himehow does the time zone boost work? Do i have to farm some item and talk to npc beafore entering zone? Or just jump in time zone with vitality on?
  12. Last time i was 4 days unable to log in. Running 3x prestige. As compensation you gave crappy dandy, that i could not colect, and the fantastic support sayed that they are working on issues, stay tunned to foruns and NO OTHER COMPENSATION will be given. Tell me, what brilhant idea you guys gonna have to convince paying custemers to keep up? End of the line here for me
  13. Re roll yull m8. Its a very expensive toon. You need prestige for just about all skill based toons and for some drops. Game is a total money leacher atm
  14. You got unlucky on the fierst replys. Nomaly you get a few decent comments and help from guys in forum. I dont know much on duelist, but i guess the built should be similar for all tyrr. Right now i recomend just wait for next month, i think we will get red libra and the update for coins/items on l2 store. Probably blessed exalted set on store to. Lvl up your dual, do daily stuff on main for some xp and free consumables from kastilla. Keep in mind that this is a very expensive game,even for pve and you need at least a prestige sub. Have fun
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