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  1. does the attendance check start anew or does it pickup from the last attendance check list?
  2. 2nd class transfer to gladiator

    I had the same problem with a spell howler. Go to every town, search out the orc locations. Until you find the npc with a scroll.
  3. 2nd class transfer

    cleric to prophet 2nd trial, testimony of trust have to kill ant soldiers to get honey dew. how is that possible with a cleric? ive died once already. root, shoot, root shoot. any ideas? can i be grouped/ ty chicky

    i dont even know what that is, but any 3rd party program is not safe to use.
  5. Question about Silver Coins

    ive been running a vip 3 and 4 together. Havent seen much of a difference between the two.
  6. what was this tree thing you mentioned?
  7. vip daily bonus

    hi your daily vip daily bonus is much appreciated, but giving resurrection and healing pots are not much use to a buffer. cat or fruit buffs would be much appreciated. thank you
  8. no merge, easier to find spots to grind. I prefer a light server. No problems logging in either.
  9. Catacombs closed

    Will they be opened?
  10. display windows in game

    hi how do you make the display windows bigger on the game. i did something and the display windows are smaller. i tried changing the resolution, but it doesnt affect the display windows
  11. Mac

    to answer my own question no it cant.
  12. Mac

    Can lineage2 be played on a mac?
  13. Lineage2 poster

    Any big bang fans? Howard had a lineage2 poster on the back of his bedroom door. I've tried several internet searches, but cant find it. Anyone else know the poster? Ty
  14. In the past, way past. We were allowed to keep the buffs we got from the different holiday events. But mine from this pumpkin event are all gone. What gives? I saved them all to use at a later date.
  15. time to put the sneakers on.