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  1. Multi Boxing

    im unable to double box with the new game launcher.
  2. im unable to double box with the new game launcher. anyone else having the same problem or know of a work around/ Thanks
  3. +4000 xp scrolls?

    what good are the +4000 xp scrolls if you dont get any sp to go along with it? Or will you be selling sp scrolls in the l2 store? Hmmm?
  4. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    can you update the link? it isnt working TY
  5. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    server name please link not working.
  6. Soulshot Activated but dont use

    im still having the same problem after server restart.
  7. Soulshot Activated but dont use

    im having the same problem, my shots wont fire. i unequipped my weapon, then reequipped, same problem. restarted the game, still no luck. whats up? no problem with my other characters.
  8. Spell Book Suggestion

    great idea 20 million adena for death whisper is outrageous. I need 2 of them. with these prices you force people to buy adena. Either sell the books at the L2 store or put a cap on the price. Its the difference between the haves and the have nots. Those that can afford to buy adena against those that cant. If people would stop buying adena, the bots would eventually go away.
  9. when i try to sign on, i get (data error) could not cvonnect to the update server. please restart launcher...
  10. does the attendance check start anew or does it pickup from the last attendance check list?
  11. 2nd class transfer to gladiator

    I had the same problem with a spell howler. Go to every town, search out the orc locations. Until you find the npc with a scroll.
  12. 2nd class transfer

    cleric to prophet 2nd trial, testimony of trust have to kill ant soldiers to get honey dew. how is that possible with a cleric? ive died once already. root, shoot, root shoot. any ideas? can i be grouped/ ty chicky

    i dont even know what that is, but any 3rd party program is not safe to use.
  14. Question about Silver Coins

    ive been running a vip 3 and 4 together. Havent seen much of a difference between the two.
  15. what was this tree thing you mentioned?