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  1. 2nd chat window

    with the latest patch, i lost my 2nd chat window. how do you open up a 2nd chat window. please and thank you
  2. lvl 60 for Event!

    more like multi billion NCSoft Type Public Net income US$ 475 million (2017) Total assets US$ 3.78 billion (2017) Total equity US$ 2.93 billion (2017) Number of employees 3100 (including 16 global subsidiaries, as of Dec 31, 2015)
  3. how to multibox?

    after you log in 1 account, close the launcher. then start again.
  4. event is for level 60+, the rest of us are chopped liver. or is the next event be for only those below level 60 (which i seriously doubt) I could understand if it was level 20 and up, but level 60 and up. you really dont care about the rest of us. not cool
  5. Some information Kamael's

    not the purity scrolls the fishing guild sells?
  6. Armor Penality

    has the armor penalty been removed? if so, a C grade character can wear B grade armor without any penalty? TY
  7. dwarves loss of abilties?

    were dwarves compensated in any way for losing the ability to make soul shots? we lost are bread and butter when you did that.
  8. How too Dualbox ?

    after you sign in one one account, close the launcher to sign in on another account.
  9. How do i get the dual swords for begginers?

    take the free ones and there might be one for 1 ncoin.
  10. How do i get the dual swords for begginers?

    its in the starter pack, for 400 ncoin.
  11. how to? add macro to auto attack

    thanks, but it seems buggy for me. none of my macros will drag over.
  12. Auto follow

    make a macro /target name /target name
  13. How do i get the dual swords for begginers?

    Dimar bottom of your screen, while in game. l2 store
  14. how do you add a macro to the auto attack system? I've tried dragging the icon, clicking the icon, nothing seems to work. help please.
  15. Multi Boxing

    im unable to double box with the new game launcher.