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  1. it was set to next target, monsters
  2. 2 toons on one account. Auto hunt isnt working on one of my toons. But works on the other one. Ive tried restarting my account & restarting my PC, didn't change anything. Any ideas?
  3. they used to have a counter, so you knew how many mobs you killed.
  4. 20 minutes in the QUE, originally they were starting with 3 server. What happened to the 3rd server? It would have made signing in much easier & there would have been much less lag.
  5. NVM, i guess you get it after the class change.
  6. how do you obtain a c grade elemental orb? I got a c grade shooter, but no orb to go with it TY
  7. Did you bring any humans to snack on?
  8. where can you get the masterbooks. Harmony in Gludio only has 3rd class scrools. any help would be appreciated. TY I have the required number of tablets.
  9. therin lies the problem, on auto hunt they will go there own way at some point. i will try the assist macro, TY
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