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  1. I agree with olo , GM must take action against people, which abuse bugs and also tell us what exactly is bug and what we can use normally so everyone know and there will not be any misunderstand.
  2. In this Red Libra version which we will get 16.January , we will be able to change also normal/enchanced/limited Krishna weapons or only Dark/Bloody as last time ?
  3. In this update will be adena/drop nerf in most location ?
  4. Just keep PK system as it is now, is not so bad. If ppl will not afraid that they will lose items from PK or they need PK rly many ppl as 10 or more than normal random ppl with not TOP gear will have 0 chance for take any good exp spot or kill anything out of instance. Only need fix this drops items with PK during macro , thats all. Btw this macro system is bad at all, ppl can make "legit bot" 24/7 without even check PC or click anything and this is also rly bad. They should make that you need use atleast some button like every 10-30 minute or their macro stop so ppl check
  5. Will be possible make subclass/noblesse in some future update ?
  6. So any new information when server transfer will be again available ?
  7. If they will put also dragon claws in l2store , more than half ppl will quit and soon will be merge chronos + naia
  8. Why you make merge Freya into Naia and not make 1 new server ? Number of ppl in both servers is almost same so why ppl from freya have big disadvantage. Also why you make this merge servers in June 27 when its end of month ? and not for example 1 week after in begin of July. Again ppl from freya will have big disadvantage.
  9. If you want merge Freya and Naia , make it like before when you merge Shilien, Bartz and Magmeld and create one new server and no one will have no advantage.
  10. You will put also Mysterious Talisman - Defense Attribute 2-Hour Box ? Because just now i dont see it in reward list , only all other talismans.
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