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  1. PLZ free the queue time in l2

    it is not fair mate!! really!! this is like they put the knife in you neck and you say to you~~ you want to play? you must pay!! and you say but is free? and they say to you again!! NOOOOOO it isn't !!
  2. i want to report a issue about log in time!( well that was my 1st thought but after i understand) plz free the queue time from classic server!!, do not force us to buy a VIP (a.k.a purchase) to log in faster that normal account's let us to decide when we want to make a VIP account ! it is same! to force us... you don't take enough money already? and we spend 30-40 min to log in!!. COME ON NCsoft do something better than this!
  3. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    well all mistakes it was from my despair!!! i just wont to say, to NCsoft team, to leave the person that he want purchase! to do it when he want it! no to force it!! like this with the queue!! is not fair!
  4. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    GrEAT news!! can you fix now the queue player's plz? or we must pay at least 5$ per month to avoid this? and don't tell me that happen because of max players! i can't believe this, that the NCsoft team they don't now how to manage this issue!!!