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  1. So I think I am of a mind to just ask for another refund. I think I am so bothered by this situation it just ruining my experience returning to this game. I can't understand why it's taken 10/11 days to fix this issue or supply an alternative for those who reported it.
  2. I am hoping for you to get some sort of feedback and then to us today. There is only one more day until the pack is not available.
  3. @Hime Request #22208484
  4. I am so torn on what I want to do at this point. Ask for another refund or wait? I don't know why they can even just give generic updates at least. Give me the illusion they are doing something.
  5. So I am a fool , but knowing they extended it after getting my original purchase refunded. I decided to try again ... knowing I would be getting into the same issue. But I am almost now wanting this pack out of principle.
  6. Well it looks like they decided out of my frustration and theirs to just honor my refund request. No effort into retention or resolving the issue as a whole.. Glad I came back NCSoft...
  7. yeah I am having the same issue with no response. they won't even say if we can still get it after tonight. I was really happy to get back into this game again.. but now it's kind of soured. If this isn't resolved I may not play.