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  1. For over and hour this morning I kill the marsh zombies it read to kill but I have yet to get one quest item I need for class change. If I remember correctly it should be the marsh zombie lord for the quest but I have yet to find any nor are they spawning. Is this a recent change or are have they been removed from the game? If they have then the other zombies need to drop quest item into inventory. Can I please have clarification on this matter, because if they dont drop then you can not progress through first class change on Dark mystic to dark wizard.
  2. You guys really need to go back and rethink this strategy, why are you basing drop rates off vip, 4 that is such a bad idea its stupid. Ofcorse everything is working as intended if you are vip 4. Not everyone is going to spend money on your game. This weekend just showed me what kind of rates we really are working with here. Money/XP/SP are all at the rates they should be, a mat drop is not a drop that is a constant never changing drop. Getting stuff below 40 does not help my lvl 50, I can see why most of the old staff left the company, shitty managerial decisions. You need to go back relabel everything, fix what the Korean devs broke, taking out stats that the game was built around made no sense in the first place. Some of us are paying your bills, and this is what we get a kick to the nuts, and just because it is the end of the year gives them no right not to work, and fix their lazy ass slap dash excuse of a mess. You disguise problems as lunch issues, but this game was launched 14 years ago....pretty sure if you guys would of left stuff alone to start with there wouldn't be this many problems. And yes the patch notes are a farce, there is a lot of stuff missing if this really is patch 1.5. Where is Heine? Where is Shuggart Castle town? Where are the lvl 20 to 50 Catacombs and Necro's. You need to Roll everything back to Cornicle 3 this would fix most if not all problems with the game. Stop thinking you have a better Idea than the ones who came before and get your shit together.
  3. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    How do you boost 5 times more of nothing, lvling faster does not matter if you are still getting 50% of nothing. The people who defend and say others are crying have no clue what they are talking about. In order to get vip 4 you have to spend at least $50. So as I said, 50% of a drop rate that is nothing = 50% more of nothing. You should not get drops that are spoil only as any other class other than a spoiler. The drop system is broken all to hell, you have non spoilers getting only spoil drops, and spoilers who get nothing from spoiling. It is stupid and broken all at the same time. And those of you who think everything is fine are either blind or you are just here trolling post trying to get others to react. Get off your free horse thinking we get everything and you get nothing. Most of you free players sat in town this last event and got multi weapons/enchants and the ones who where playing the game got nothing but crap. The point of my post was to show that a drop rate that is set so low for everything makes no sense it is a 0.0001-0.0000.5 do the math on that and you tell me if a 0.0001.5 -0.0001 is any better.
  4. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    Vip 4 is not worth the price they charge for it, +50% of a drop rate that is 0.0001-.0.000.05 is nothing, thats is basically adding 50% to nothing which still makes it nothing. Spoil rates are crap, taking out the luck stat was one of the worst things that could of been done. Classic L2 was hard to get drops, but they still dropped. The only ones I see getting the drops are the people who are botting, and dont tell me there not cause I know of a whole clan that does it. your not going to go from 40 to 50 in 2 days even with scrolls and that other crap you want to push. I get it, shady back door dealings with RTM companies and such...but come off of it. You really expect us to buy into to this "It is working as intended". Next time you label something as classic make sure it is, not what ever this is your trying to push. Im a Spellhowler for crying out loud and I get more mat drops and rec drops that are spoil only than a spoiler does of the same lvl. This needs to be fixed ASAP, and you can not tell me it isn't that easy. I work in the table top industry and at least when we put something out we make sure it is working for the most part "As intended.". So I suggest you get off your butts go back and look at the problem from the outside in, not the other way around. And this we only have X amount of people working on this, that is a load of horse crap. And if it is true, then maybe the chopping block needs to be put into effect. I will not spend another dime in the NC store for coin if all it gives me is more mats. And on a side note, back in the day mobs over 40 or it might of been 45 did not drop Thread or stems.....so get it right (Fix your drop tables because this random engine you have in place now for drops is not "Working as intended.".
  5. Mystic Knights a lvl 2 almost lvl 3 clan (If I can stop spending my SP for skills) is looking for active players wishing to rebuild from the ground up. I am doing a major house cleaning of all the dead weight in my clan (IE people not playing, or just plain afk when on.) I was a part of one of the biggest Allies on Bartz back in the day (Phantom Alliance) was a leader of Phantom Plague. And am in need of players wanting to siege as well as PvP when needed. North American would be a + that way we can all be on at the same time most of the time. We do have a discord, and we plan to make very big changes In the future. I follow 3 simple rules 1. Everyone helps everyone. (Wouldn't be a clan other wise.) 2. Everyone pvps when needed. (Need to answer a call to arms if asked.) 3. Everyone has each others back, even if the ally we are in seems to try and cripple us.(Then war will be declared and we will kill on site no matter what.) When I was on bartz 14 years ago I was out for myself, I have learned a lot over that period of time. And now I am more for what's best for the clan and not what's best for myself. If you are interested pm Lafel in game or shoot me an in game email . And I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading. PS:We have cookies
  6. Anyone think this event is kind of messed up, why am I out in the field killing mobs when a lot of people just sit around getting stuff besides candy. 2 days out of the 5 million days this event has been going on I've got HP pots, the rest has been nothing but candy....EVERYDAY. And Dont get me started on the VIP stuff, that was a complete waste of money. I watch people that I know who are buying adena and running bots just sitting in town getting multiple weapons and enchants. My problem is with the event randomizer you have in place, its gimping some people and others it is giving everything too. This is ridiculous, and stupid all at the same time. This needs to stop, first mess up was putting a weapon in there as a gift, this isn't Christmas. And the second one was having a timer run while they are in a peace zone, this needs to go away.An event where people who play the game like you guys want get screwed while the ones who go AFK get everything. I've got more to say about a lot of stuff but I think I'll stop for now..