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  1. I PAID AND I CAN NOT PLAY. The queue STILL exists and SHOULD NOT EXIST. I do not want to hear about these solutions from you. Let's do this, give me back my money and until you have a real server, and after that I'll consider repaying again.
  2. I'm a customer. I want play! I bought and paid for the game! Rest does not interest me! The login problem is theirs, not my problem. Either they resolve or the server will close soon. Simple!
  3. It's not my problem! I PAID "P.A.I.D" I is one CLIENT and I want to play. If they are not enabled for the server DO NOT OPEN AND DO NOT ADVERTISE! ...
  4. I PAY TO PLAY vip 4! My Rune and Working.... NEED LOGIN NOW but have 400 in queue! is joke!!! complete joke.... no is real!!! Best Job NCSOFT, best classic server! Need Imediate solution for queue, or Server dead and close in few weeks.
  5. OK, end patience! I PAY VIP4 for play! my rune is working, but have 400 peoples in queue, I CAN NOT LOGIN in talking Island! Solution now! or the server dead and close in few weeks! GOOD JOB NCSOFT, Best Classic server!
  6. This solves NO PROBLEM, 2k of people in queue!!! It only makes the players wait longer. The only solution is to create another Talking Island2 server with the SAME GMT, and make a FREE transfer available, and if necessary, maybe a Talking Island3. NCsoft is joking, spreading from your new server which NO ONE can log in!
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