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  1. Server Fix !

    I need to be changed is the adena which drop from high level areas, such as in the elemental areas, like Forge of Gods, should drop at least a little adena, Do you know how expensive is to use S grade? 4 blessed spiritshots 90 adena (WITHOUT TAXES) each, makes it 360 adena for one skill, being it to heal, buff or attack, and with a well enchanted weapon S you need to hit the mob 3-5 times to kill it. So lets see, 5 x 360 = 1800 adena to kill one mob without any return, ZERO ADENA returning, ZERO DROPS. Ok the XP is good, but how much adena do you think a person need to farm XP there for a day using BSS? 500 MILLION ADENA, more or less, for ONE DAY (24hs/no stop). And how hard do you think it is for you to make such amount of adena? It's insanity, using many boxes to farm adena low lvl for SEVERAL WEEKS (Normal ppl, with 6-8 boxes, 24/7). Of course all XP for one, maybe two chars being one of them a dancer, unless u don't want to sleep and sit ur ass 24hs in ur chair to put and remove your char from a pt to buff. Easy, leveling in this server is so cheap, right? SO PLS CHANGE THE ADENA DROP RATE PLSSSS
  2. Now you tell me, DO YOU expected something else ??
  3. The maintenance has been extended by one hour. We will be adding the login queue back today and the character creation will be temporarily disabled until we have some additional server changes/fixes. WTF guys, you are bringing this crap back? I will NEVER get my B set this way, fock this, gonna abandon this game for good. Thx God I restrained myself putting any more money in this game.
  4. Well, PAY TO WIN, that is the way they can have "friends" with hundreds of bots farming adena to sell to you, so u can play, cuz I don't know why they still allow ppl using bots in 2020 if they dont really want the bots in the game. There is no more pay to win than this game. In a dictionary should have a L2 logo besides the description of what is pay to win.
  5. I've stopped playing a year ago, and now I'm interested in playing again my Overlord, but I will need help to lvl up and make adena to buy a new weapon, cuz I only have a ticket for a D grade weapon that I'm holding till I get to play with more people. I've most of the skills for my lvl and Im using a Karmian set +4. Till now I've been farming adena with low lvl chars till some stupid pk come and ruin everything for my chars in macro. I'm up to bosses and sieges. My GMT is GMT-3.