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  1. didnt real feel like playing since the game went 100% afk farmland. today I tried log twice, few hours ago 172 ppl in Queue, now 77 ppl in Queue. Creates nostalgic feeling and reminds on the time when GOD went live, only difference is the servers are dead anyway and STILL ppl get prevented from logging. Well done..... NOT. Maybe I'll log again in few weeks to check situation but I guess apart from new L2 Store "events" there won't be much to see anyway. Have Fun all !
  2. MAX vs DH

    Exeq is not in DH since a long time. This way he at least is allowed to kill MAX macros without re-starting the war that either needs to be closed ASAP or makes the Lemmings flee again. Game is super boring right now to the extend I don't even bother to go to siege anymore since a few months.
  3. Circlet Upgrade

    L2Store only, while the event was up. It will come into store again, promised
  4. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I dont play much at the moment and I dont read the forum: Does this problem affect Feohs too? Because I do not have any issues. I never updated my launcher and still use the old one, maybe look into that as a possible reason. Again, I didnt really follow all this mess, maybe what I wrote has already been said/checked/tried/whatever.
  5. Etina solo - impossible?

    In PVE your Lvl compared to mob Lvl matters a lot. You will have an easier time with 105 already, each lvl makes a big difference in PVE (not much in PVP).
  6. Demon Swords needs nerf

    You might wanna read again what I wrote, I never said the time is not correct. It's just not rational to place the sole event that gives adena at a time when the server activity is way beyond it's peak, thus locking out most players. I hope you understood now.
  7. Demon Swords needs nerf

    I agree 5bil per day/per sword is pure insanity, because on every server it will be the same few ppl. farming this adena. And YES it might lead to an inflation and higher prices most probably. This adena will not be used by the ppl that farm it, it will most likely land on the black market, making aden cheaper there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My biggest complaint about this Curse Swords is the set time. The set time should really be same as Oly start / Siege start, not midnight when 80% of ppl already logged off long ago.... @Juji and chance to change the time to 20:00 or 21:00 Server time instead of 0:00 ?
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Juji was talking about a great and free anniversary event since a long time, my guess is that will be what we get today. Otherwise I have to mostly agree to the rants and complains: I don't see much point in playing L2 anymore. Yes AFK farm is easy since new macro, now since today even with full party if anyone wants to. Question is, for what should we farm adena and XP ? There is no PVP left, now even PVE is dead cos everyone is in Zombie mode. Sieges (on NAIA at least) are bloody boring since DH gave up the fight. I'll be hanging around a while to watch how it goes, but maybe it's really time to move on to a less dead game soon.
  9. Insane prices

    You can buy Jewels and sell the boxes. You can buy/sell almost everthing from L2 Store, so the randomness can be kept at a minimum if you want that.
  10. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    Oh come on!!! Man-up DH! Dont go RIP
  11. Forgotten Skills

    Peanuts. You need 640bil to make 4x lv.30 at main/dual
  12. Raid Boss Farming (big issue)

    The Barrier ist for Hits, it has nothing to do with damage even if it would be a stage 10 dragon weap. Does the fix work, or still not ?
  13. Thanks for good communication @Juji and for working to fix the bugs/probs from last update. When you're done with that, start a brainstorming session on how to lower the gap between players. If you succeed on that, the server-population will go up/up/up.
  14. Adena payments for services

    Almost all clans have free slots. Just give it a try.
  15. Advice of Next Necklace to Buy

    Go Valakas, it gives 8% MATK and later you can upgrade it to blessed version.