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  1. Advice of Next Necklace to Buy

    Go Valakas, it gives 8% MATK and later you can upgrade it to blessed version.
  2. PK System change: no more item drop (from Patch Notes)

    No item penalty at all, just confirmed. No item drop, no item destruction. PK wars incoming have fun all
  3. I strongly think so too. Lets hope the clanhopping and Lemming way to play ends with this change. Not much point to leave clan to XP when you get PKed by your enemies anyway. I am talking about ALL sides and ALL clans. Also let's hope the dragons entry changes (105+) combined with the free PKs ends that horrible CC of only boxes ("Dragons is PVE content"). Let's hope now the mains will have to go to dragons again and fight it out. Also no more Raidboss killing in 2 seconds with 1 DD. This update has the potential to be great, let's wait and see
  4. doubtful, lets wait and see.
  5. PK System change: no more item drop (from Patch Notes)

    @Juji ? I think they have same system on other regions, anyone knows how it works there?
  6. Changed Gainak so that it is no longer a PVP battleground

    Source: https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes
  7. PK System change: no more item drop (from Patch Notes)

    Source : https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes
  8. PK System The item drop penalty for chaotic characters with more than 4 PKs has been removed. Chaotic characters will no longer drop items upon death.
  9. Lineage II: Fafurion Update Preview

    Let's secretly peek into NC West office: HIME: "Juji, can I post the link to the patch notes now? You know I already finished everything a good 3 weeks ago!" JUJI: "Nah, not yet. Look how they are posting and trembling and shaking, it's so cute." ...10 Minutes later ... HIME: "erm Juji, can I, now, please?" JUJI: "Nope. Look, BobOrc is already sweating, rofl lolz! Let's just wait a little bit more HIME. You know what happens after we give 'em the link, right? They will complain, cry, demand, cry more, point out all our mistakes and errors to cause us extra work... not fun. So I'm really not in a rush, let's post it tomorrow right before downtime, so they cannot respond in the forum for a while. Good plan 'eh!?"
  10. Anniversary Day Buffs Schedule

    I asked Juji yesterday on NAIA, here is what he said: When next Update -> Juji: "Soon [TM]" When Server Transfers back -> Juji: "will take several months" When fix get karma while afk macro -> I didnt ask about that but my guess is that it will probably be fixed in Fafurion. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll see. My personal favorite answer was #1

    100% wrong not even 1% true but nvm

    But you're aware this thread it not about DH right? DH is close to a nonfactor clan right now and point of this thread it not to discuss if DH hat 4 parties or 2 parties, that was just a side-comment noone cares about and still the reason you call him clueless. Maybe he is. In BobOrc-Reality