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  1. I know/heard from many ppl he is very generous, i. e. giving gear to CP members. If he does that cos he is simply kind hearted or cos he feels he needs to buy friends depends on whom you ask, I guess
  2. Are you (OP) Monsherrie yourself, or you just write what you have seen from him? No offense, but MonSh always, always changed CPs, Clans, hell even Sides on an almost monthly basis. Calling him "best CP Leader in history" is really funny af.
  3. - Amethyst & Cateye are missing from Nightmarket-rewards. - Auctionhouse weird behaviour when adding items for sale.
  4. Oh and to add: If you wanna see mighty socketka rule in PVP, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFtIw8ez4vs Enjoy
  5. 53 likes, and now we know where the 1 dislike is coming from
  6. 1 % Skill Power = 1 % Damage 1 % Matk = roughly 0,25 % Damage
  7. If you upgrade it with Gem Energy, the reuse of the Immunity-Skill doesnt get shorter but remains on same time.
  8. Some items cannot be registered, some registered cannot be cancelled or sold. We had this bug some years ago, so maybe its meant for nostalgic reasons as part of the Anniversary. If not, please fix it, thank you.
  9. Just yesterday I did dailies 110 with a YUL with gear comparable to mine. Not 1:1 identical, but closely comparabe. He is 1 lvl above me. His DPS exceeds mine approx. 5x or 10x. Difference is huge!
  10. Okay okay, this may come as a surprise, but this time I have to say: WELL DONE NCWEST, WELL DONE @Juji ! - Server/lag still not perfect, but its obvious you're working on it and it already improves a lot (on some days, some other days still meh). - XP event was great, bonus settings were great, extra XP week is great, the free boots are as compensation are very welcome, the VIT 7 Day rune is very good. I havent said this in a long time. WELL DONE, NCW ! PS: I enjoy doing "thank you" posts much more than complaining. And the chance for another perma-ban for me is also
  11. Short answer: No. Long answer: Still no.
  12. Clueless. Levels mean nothing in PVP, they only matter (a lot) for PVE. Yes, you can easy break the mana barrier of that 3 lvl higher Feoh with one hit as top geared archer. On topic: In my opinion game balance is quite nice. Yes YUL are strongest class to farm adena and a more serious nerf would be welcome. In PVP almost any class can be really strong if top geared. Biggest issue we have is simply the huuuuge gear gap. Too many too expensive items that only a handful of players on each server wants to afford/can afford. NCW throwing always new items in the store, and the old items
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