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  1. Sorry to say, but this whole topic is nonesense. @IMoonLight19You tried your luck with enchanting, while having very low stat, and you failed. There is nothing and noone to blame but yourself. You risked, you lost, end of story. @IssWorldI know this "freeze". As Pathfinder said, it happens sometimes. It is just a little optical bug and has nothing to do with the final result of the enchant.
  2. Those Treasure Chests are a great addition to the game! Soon Lv5 or Lv6 Jewels will be affordable by (almost) every player and that will lower the gear gab at least a little bit and it will also boost PVE farming. Hell I can imagine it will even motivate players to come back and play on official servers. I remember a few years ago there was an official survey about what is most important for players, and if I remember correctly on top of the list was "items keeping their value". However, these new chests should really please a big majority of your players. Exception will be top p
  3. The 14 man clan "peace exploit" should be removed asap.
  4. Watch it, fully uncencored. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V21Tm2QLtYs&t=0s Leave a like if you enjoy it.
  5. LUC always evens out, at least in the long run and not neccessairly on the same toon of course. Say "Hi" to me, I'm your luck-counterpart For me, this shirt also was the most crazy enchanting experience. Dragon Rind Leather Shirt from +0 to +5 (with 88 LUC) = 1.100 scrolls
  6. Translation of this thread: OP wants to ask what happened to all the Adena while MAX was holding the castle and who put that adena in his pockets.
  7. The help you cried for was given, you chose to ignore it. Keep asking rhetorical questions, keep discussing, keep failing. You won't get more help than you already got from me, up to you what you do with it. But I guess nothing. You're such a hopeless case lolz
  8. Just wow... You obviously are to silly to play L2, but you're good at blaming others for your own incompetence. I even gave you two advices that would dry up all your desparate tears and in return you call my a liar. L2 isnt the game for you, give it up. Sorry but you're simply to dumb
  9. Could you fix that? If not tell me your IG nick if you're on NAIA, I will see if I can help you.
  10. Needed less than 1.500 Ether. I won't give more tipps, just check yourself, it's not that hard.
  11. Hummm and why didnt you just use those items w/the purpose they were meant to be used? I crafted 1 item with new crafting system, zero cost, item worth 5bil+ (on Naia). And about cost for Spirit ore: I think you are a tank, why don't you just go timed zone with a good DD ?
  12. After some more testing I have to agree. Rate to get anything other than 70k or 1x GemR is abyssmal
  13. Nope. While hunting you get Treasure Boxes, similar to those old Elite-Mobs Boxes. These can give full items (armor/weap) at a low chance. A clannie of mine who did not have tons of boxes got already to R99 Armor parts. I did open around 50 - 60 of such boxes so far, only go 70k adena/GemR. But the chance to get drops is there.
  14. From now the Vitality of the Exalted skill increases Vitality Bonus, not EXP bonus: Vitality of the Exalted Lv. 1: Vitality Bonus +30%.; Vitality of the Exalted Lv. 2: Vitality Bonus +100%; But I just noticed this was on FourGame Patch notes, not on ours
  15. Exalted XP Bonus change was on the patch notes. Yep, it sucks. You can now earn vitality potions by fishing (but no idea how long/how many/etc.)
  16. that same bug occurs at NPC Deningh in Giran Lux Store. On some toons you see all Accessory upgrade options, on other tools you see only a part. Relog don't change, it's somehow connected to the toon viewing the option. Weird bug.
  17. Hello, anyone enchanted those charms yet and can share his experience or even upload a video? Curious to see if it's worth and what enchant lvl can be reached.
  18. @Juji fix Mentee Mark rewards! If you can manage that I'd say this update is pretty darn good.
  19. Few questions: RED LIBRA: - Sells Chaos Essence 30-day (Main Class) for 300,000,000 Adena. -> This comes boxed, so it can be used later? Or it comes with 30d ticker already running? NEW UPDATE: - Atlas Earring from Mentee -> Tradable, or at least possible to share within account?
  20. @Juji is this tradable and would you pls. post it's stats Earrings of Atlas
  21. Hold your horses. Wait till ppl wake up and log back in. GM Buffs past midnight (Euro time) weren't the best idea too
  22. You realize that you confirm the bug Juji talks about, yes? Just because this bug exists since many years does not mean it was intended.
  23. Learn to read and comprehend. GEM above gave you all answers, and he is right. You are wrong. Completely.
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