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  1. spoiler

    u want to keep mobs range in the green white yellow range. anything blue or red wont work too well. LUC does affect spoils alot. this is a reference from Grand Crusade Patch Notes Page 8. The colors for level differences between PCs and monsters has been changed o Red: +11 o Orange: +10 to +6 o Yellow: +5 to +3 o White: +2 to -2 o Green: -3 to -5 o Light Blue: -6 to -10 o Blue: -11 Hime has the patch linked in https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/3976-old-patch-notes/
  2. Dagger

    guess u want to try pvping.. go dark elf. yes dex influence 1/2 kills.
  3. Skill Question

    keep trow sand. its somewhat usefull in superion soloing... the counter flip is more usefull then the kick and mischief u can loose those 2. reaper 2... thats a personal preference. i kept lv1
  4. Ability Points Othel 105 lvl

    sure. its easly done... wpn attribut +300 wpn augment + 70 lv 4 Opal.+70 exhalted circlet +50 evolved agation +50 artifact +30 7s +50 AP +10 does that add up... now u know my well kept secret... .oh... also forgot the iss buff... +10
  5. Ability Points Othel 105 lvl

    do you have more then 500 elemental attack attribute? if u do... that's my setup. my attribute is at 610 attack elements
  6. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    What did you like most about the Salvation update and why? Combination buff skill What did you NOT like most about the Salvation update and why? Lost Harp Melody +5 p accuracy, my daggers miss too much What features would you like to see in the next update? bring back my accuracy