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  1. is 101% crap...no money = no adena, is one of the worst servers I ever seen in my life, Naia/Chronos compared to Aden is the best server ever just imagine...if no changes server will be zombieland, just with a bunch of adicted spenders fighting against his shadows...
  2. Me thinking Naia was super extreme p2w then join aden and wtf Naia looks like nice server where u at least can make some adenas hhahaha, 110% disappointed with this new aden server...is the extreme of the extreme of a p2w game...4 adena at lv64? are u kidding me? lol need to pay to get adenas? is freaking crazy...
  3. Hi, first of all sorri for my bad english , I pay 10 bucks to get the rune 200% xp 30 days, but my problem is now what to do if not even get adena for ores & soulshots? game is freaking under rates, at start is ok, u lv up +/- fast first levels and get ss tickets & free ores but when u reach over +60lv u wont get ores & tickets enough to maintain the farm. My question is, what will happen in around 1 week when all free to play players and low ncoin buyers when they see can't afford even the shots & ores to continue farming? Is just crazy, I want continue playing bu
  4. Me thinking Naia was a crazy p2w server, then join Aden and feel Naia like nice server hahaha NCwest greedy lv1000...this shit is unplayable.
  5. 90 minuts trying to log.....ncwest worst company ever,server rates at 0.25% , qeue and more!!! I can only say one thing:
  6. Really super hard to kill with long range class (yul/feoh) eviscerator who is almost invulnerable all time, maybe nova need to try put some good dagger(or other eviscerator) for kill Truffle, the only moment truffle is weak is during spallation and only close range class can do something, or pray for cancel steel mind , the problem is all players always playing class of the moment as now yuls and feohs and make more easy be eviscerator atm.
  7. Are different class...evis kill in 1 sec then next target and new victim, is not the same as feoh who in the time he uses 1 skill and change target evis have killed 4
  8. Maybe rmt? bot program? in 5 years never see one legit player geting ban ingame
  9. In ur own comment you have the answer, you are not ashamed of ur clan? with several players handling dragon weapons stage 2 & 3 with transfered top bots from max llllllllllllllllllll + vncarpet (yes he is 100% useless we know) and still failing hard against ONE!!! eviscerator? Truffle > Full noba rofl clan, say thanks to pepinoob and llllllllll who kill 10 half geared from ms in 1 skill for ur lovely "crp" but after all this MS still better than Noba and you know it!
  10. LOL on drugs mixa? at least/minimum 2-3 years more... now merge naia + freya can give some life for months/year and still the last merge naia/freya + chronos who will be at least 2 years more of game... maybe even 3-4 more years of L2 NA servers, but if u are not happy here better move to other game
  11. Max don't do PvP last year, just 2 hours afk siege in freya each 2 weeks and don't even show in Ds last 2 months, but in PvE they are a "dangerous" clan (PvE legends) the only danger for DH is llllllllllllll (always on bot + insane damage) and the guys who will move to help them (noba guys).
  12. Pr-1ncess77 at least put some subtitles and we can laugh, I don't understand greek
  13. I come to write this and see ur post dat second when u click second wind and get incresed HP a lot just for a sec and back to normal effect.
  14. Both clans are the kings of dead servers, pure rmt guys without competition in their respective servers (deny it to me), the only difference is russian mafia core in Naia and vietnamese charlies core in Freya (same shiit different names) both clans full weakminded and bandwagon players who love to play in "winner" sides, the winner of this fight will win some of those bandwagons from opposite side. I don´t know who will win but I hope DH wins! I want to see VnCarpet and HappyBot lose and laugh at them
  15. Molensita daddy vn is waiting you for help next merge
  16. Fun part is they are very active in his 2 hours afk "exciting" siege in Freya but they dont even show in dimensional siege Noobigatos strongest clan ever. (shame)
  17. WTF molensa always looking for attention lol make ur own posts with ur crap videos and let others post his owns, your PvP's are just dispa x2, invencible x3 and full skills on,ok, we know!
  18. And the winner of the "video" is a drawing of an ugly elf female? congrats...
  19. Dear mixa you will lose ur lovely Giant Cave spot!
  20. Why? 27 days not enough for you?
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