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  1. The same thing happened to me I received this same response when trying to restore a Doll in my secondary account. But it's easy, no more support in the form of NCoins for you! Thank you GM Dagg and Senior GM Yehara for the € savings that I will have from now on. You can verify that I have always contributed more than € 600 per month, why don't you verify what I have spent now lately? I am very unhappy with how customers are treated in this business
  2. Check what class I am, check how many thousands of € I have spent. Now have the courage to tell me that my class will not win more L2Coins in party in hunting areas high lvl, tell me, tell me if you dare if you have the holy balls to tell me to my face. My patience is coming to an end ...
  3. I have an Agathion-Capricorn +7 and I have the same problem, no cooldown decreased of M. Skills. Take a look, pls
  4. I have another question @Juji. Is it possible to stay AFK while the auto farm system works automatically? Or am I supposed to be in front of the PC? I am not clear if this automatic system has any regulation or its use is free and it is not necessary to be in front of the PC as the automatic fishing system. Thank you
  5. Hola, soy Shaman 26 y estaria interesado en encontrar a ese grupo de españoles con ganas de cachondeo y de pasarlo bien, aparte de farmear a muerte! Estaba interesado en una CP donde juguemos todos de manera fija los mismos players. Estoy en el server Giran.
  6. Buenas a todos, estaria interesado en formar parte del clan, me llamo "Elvo" en el juego. Soy Shaman lvl 24 y juego demasiadas horas al dia...
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