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  1. Clan español

    Hola, somos un clan de Españoles, tenemos una muy buena comunidad, guias, usamos discord, etc, solo que jugamos en el servidor Aden, nos cambiamos debido hace un tiempo a los problemas de colas de espera del login, con tanto bot... Si llevais poco tiempo y no os importa empezar nuevamente estaremos encantados de recibiros. Necesitamos puestos a pedir jeje, overlord, bishop, Elven elder y nukers para raids. Un saludo
  2. Hello to the whole community, although this message is designed for GMs and administrators. What are the players looking for in your game? Well, you have opted for a free game model with microtransactions and a VIP format, but does it really work? What was the idea launching this Lineage 2 Classic Concept? Let me tell you that players today are looking for something other than "NOSTALGIA". With so much MMORPG in the market, you can not pretend to have "alive" an "Old game" without making any kind of change or new Customs. With the raised system we have what is already being seen ... servers full of BOTs killing with their software 24 hours 7 days a week, who also make real money and players who leave the game every day because it is boring. YES, YOUR GAME IS BORED, and they forgive for it, but in front of problems always SOLUTIONS. WHAT YOUR PLAYERS ARE LOOKING FOR is this ... FEEL PRODUCTIVE !!! That is, a player when playing wants to go out to hunting areas either in partys or even alone, and have the chance to GET ITEMS, with which to negotiate with other players or get items to contribute to their friends and clan and go modifying your character. A MMORPG PLAYER seeks "Power to do and get things" This keeps the illusion of the players, the fact of always having "something to do". When I talk about items I do not necessarily mean a complete team, but materials, edges and even Quest, today's games have a variety of Quest and "things to do", Lineage 95% of the Quest are useless, they ask too many items for a reward that makes you laugh, removing some like the Moon Armor, or the Dailys that give Exp. I give an example, in Dragon Valley there is a quest that gives you 14k of Adenas but you have to get 1000 items ... I risk saying ... Nobody does it. But remember with the Quest of Spider Nest, when I gave 3k of sentences, many people doing it. I could put many examples, as when the Manor System was introduced with what players used seeds, or to collect Ancient Adena in catacombs, they allowed players to "have something to do". SOLUTION ---> CUSTOMS, and if you can do all kinds of customs, such is that for example the Dragon Pendant have safe enchant up to +3 and here could be broken even at +1, the other day I saw a video of an official server korean that included customs adding an npc where they could get 1 hour regeneration buff, exp, or buy items, to mention some example. If the drop can not or you do not want to upload it, you can put npcs rotating in the cities like the old Mammon, that commercialize adena, edges, life stones, spellbooks, potions of mana, and others in exchange for various items that can be dropped in different hunting areas. Modify the Quest, making them fall faster and faster the items they request and increasing their reward in Adenas, this fact would also contribute to the players to go to certain areas to "do their Quest", thus achieving more entertainment for the players. A Quest that gives you 5 rings per item (for example) is a mockery for the player totally, of old game, that same Quest that of 50 Adenas or 100 per Item and see how the situation changes. As much as some players say the Adena in the game overwhelms the vast majority, there is an excessive expenditure on resources and teleport (which could well be 1k by teleport instead of the excessive price, which is not expensive in itself, the problem is making adena for most players given what has been discussed for some time), and users of BOTs have all the monopoly of trade putting excessive prices only because they use their software and have pjs killing 24 hours. If you make modifications, you will have an old game with modern Customs, doing it differently and making more players enter by mere recommendation of the players, it is "The lineage 2 that they always dreamed". That GMs will also give you MONEY !!! because the only ones that actually put money or in most cases are users of BOTs that have L2 as their business. The reality is that the publicity that is now taking place of Lineage 2 Classic is that it is bored, that it is full of Bots and that it is dying because the players are desperate. And yes, it is possible that even making changes like these there will still be Bots collecting even more, but there will be more players excited with their game. I hope this post serves, thank you for reading it.
  3. Hello, today October 18 it seems that there has been some update, I think to add a new server. The problem is that I can not access the game, when I try to enter it stops on the update screen, I give the yellow button to update and it stays there, 0% "Downloading Repair Files" and there it takes hours, nothing not advance, impossible to access the game.
  4. Hello to the community, and I hope this will be of help to the Game Masters and Admins. The problem of waiting queues is causing a lot of discomfort among players, basically if I'm not wrong, queues are produced by the influx of connected characters, and there is a huge% of AFK users both selling, fishing, what you have to add BOTs. I am aware that in the last updates you could put a character selling in offline mode, the characters afk fishing do not know if that is possible, but basically one way to solve this, is to limit the connection time to for example 4 hours, it is say the limit of time connected continuously is 4 hours. In this way, the game automatically removes all users. I consider that 4 hours is good game time or afk, thus allowing the entry to other users. The system will send you a message 20 minutes before your 4 hours of play to warn you and avoid disconnection at a time of party or leveo, and if you are afk, selling or fishing, you will be released after that time. In case of BOTs, it will make your task difficult because they will have to be logged in from time to time, and as in previous cases, they will be expelled after the time. NOTE: I have specified 4 hours, but it could be others, 3 hours or 5 hours, as considered. Another option is to add 2 new servers with the same time zone as the Talkin Islan and Giran servers and allow the migration to those servers of the users they wish. I hope this offers ideas for the work of the administrators.