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  1. Set the ‘Unable to cancel the clan war’ message to show the character names of clan members currently fighting in the clan war. It don't work there is no name...
  2. Dev do not have to see it all day long and have the chat polluted with people throwing the worst of the worst EULA breaking garbage over there with NO way to filter it. The removal of the filtering was a very bad choice because now the game turned into a place where you get to see the worst type of people disrespecting the entire community in chat in numerous ways. Even worse you are forced to see it at least one time or more times depending how fast you can block them all just so you can play the game normally without having to see all the garbage chat. This is a unhealthy development
  3. NCLauncher II Unlisted bugs - Launcher created a dedicated Lineage II icon but you still need to confirm with "play" button to launch the game, auto launch not working. - I was unable to login until resetting password (on old launcher works fine with correct/same credentials, rechecked it multiple times to make sure both email and password were entered correctly). - Launcher is very slow compared to the old one, on old one you can open a client within seconds excluding filling in the login details but in new one it takes a lot of time to go trough the various windows it has and takes mo
  4. When you start typing with @ mention to any person and complete it, cursor focus gets locked within that input and you can't break out or type anything else anymore. You are even stuck with it trying to refresh and only when you "ctrl + A" "delete" it at refresh you can type again as long you type some text first before putting a mention in.
  5. Due to the maintenance Keucereus Alliance Base on Chronos is closed off, why do it during limited window where a once a week scheduled event took place @Hime @Juji?
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