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  1. On 10-8-2019 at 1:14 AM, Juji said:

    Dev has placed greater focus on the benefits of obtaining Hero status or Ranked to encourage healthy competition. The bows for Ranked and the removal of the chat disable option for Hero Chat are part of these new changes to improve the importance of these two systems.

    Dev do not have to see it all day long and have the chat polluted with people throwing the worst of the worst EULA breaking garbage over there with NO way to filter it.

    The removal of the filtering was a very bad choice because now the game turned into a place where you get to see the worst type of people disrespecting the entire community in chat in numerous ways.
    Even worse you are forced to see it at least one time or more times depending how fast you can block them all just so you can play the game normally without having to see all the garbage chat.
    This is a unhealthy development for a game where new players will be confronted by this type of chat, when you see this type of chat immediately on your first day of playing you will exit faster then you joined because a new player will certainly not know about the block function.

    You got your community complaining about it and eventually your big buck paying "hero's will too when they can't play the game normally anymore due to all the chat bans and other bad effects from forced ignore.

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  2. NCLauncher II Unlisted bugs

    - Launcher created a dedicated Lineage II icon but you still need to confirm with "play" button to launch the game, auto launch not working.
    - I was unable to login until resetting password (on old launcher works fine with correct/same credentials, rechecked it multiple times to make sure both email and password were entered correctly).
    - Launcher is very slow compared to the old one, on old one you can open a client within seconds excluding filling in the login details but in new one it takes a lot of time to go trough the various windows it has and takes more clicks too.

    Old bugs which returned or became more prominent

    - When alt-tabbing can randomly cause the open client to respond as if a mouse click occurred and move character to the position the mouse is at currently even if no mouse click happened and the mouse is outside of the lineage II window.
    - Sometimes when alt-tabbing client acts as if left mouse button is pressed on right mouse button click and hold to look around, making the character keep running after the mouse cursor position.
    - Font vertical spacing increases in the chat window when you type a ` character in chat (or any character that is higher then the normally available height).
    - At exact whole hour 00:00, 01:00, 02:00 etc for 1-2 minutes or sometimes longer can't use/open consumables, cant interact with npc characters, can't open/send in-game mails, can't craft or compound any items, unable to login / client takes extremely long like 5+ minutes to login.
    - Eviscerator hero and Seer hero still announce "you" got hero even if you are not the hero nor even a eviscerator or seer.
    - Can't have more then 96 items or your unable to switch classes even if your inventory can contain 150+ on both main and dual.
    - When stunned, feared, knocked down or put in any disruptive abnormal state you loose items from opening boxes when the timing coincides with it exactly.

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