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  1. The Matchstick Sisters Event Starts 12/12

    Does having more Christmas trees than players on servers is an attempt to fill the cities?
  2. game to take years? do not make me laugh, the rates of xp are absurdly high I'm tired of giving 5 levels of delevel in my characters, all taking almost level 50 and still grade D without a single penny in each character. the progress must follow according to the level, I can reach the maximum level of grid D, but this is not the essence of this game and will never be, to be hypocritical.
  3. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    19 pages of complaints about the subject off the post deleted, weeks without 1 answer and that's what you present to the players?
  4. The ticket was made and it was answered with a pre-edited message, it is not my job to be refilling a ticket in the forum, let alone a forum moderator investigating this type of service, reviewing all the support requests will reflect this theme will possible to see the irregularities, the names of the bots that I reported was in one of the posts that were deleted from the forum. even if there was an interest in banning these bots that pollute the chat, just teleport from city to city and all names will be
  5. I appreciate your attempt to soften the incompetence of the support, but I do not have any further desire to waste my time with the support or with this server so lacking in support.
  6. the tickets were opened by another account and I think it is totally unnecessary for me to hit this key again because the support should give due attention to the ticket and not just use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to answer a ticket to patience, I've just waited until the next news update and as expected nothing will be solved
  7. The question is no longer necessary to think about bot everyone has science of what is happening only you who can not see this, already have been opened several tickets with name and location and schedule and the answer is to make a post in the forum because the support does not part of the development
  8. You need to reveal what you are asking because the support sends me to complain about this in the forum.
  9. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    You are level 30 you do not have to claim all monsters that you are hunting, drop at least 30% + adena that a level 40+ monster you do not have to spend 1 adena to get around with your character and its supports, even if you get your top item grade D to level 40 you will understand these post millions and I also thought I was crying, until I see that a level 50 monster drops adena equivalent to a monster of level 20, the difference that for 1 fight needs to give much more damage to kill and use much more consumables to maintain, if you take into account that even with 1 support on your back you still need to spend with potion haste, as you get 1 book of the Haste only possible in a level 55 monster, some classes are managing to deal with this problem, such as summoner in cruma, unfortunately the server can not be only 1 class and the vast majority can not do it in these places, even if formed a party adena the is not climbing proportional to party and the drop does not pay the expenses to maintain one up in those areas.understand that this post is not for unique benefit but a fight for all who play and have reached level 40+, as well as fight for bot prohibitions and chat ban ads. Please search before criticizing people who want to keep this server alive, note that we do not want events or more xp only the balance that does not exist after level 40+
  10. ncwest has already had good officials who were not corrupt, now only what's left are telemarketer clerk trained in pressing CTRL + C and CTRL + V. I'm not disrespecting the telemarketing professional I'm just mirroring the vast majority who do a dirty job and no love for work
  11. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    do not need xp bonus bleeping any, what needs is to readjust the drop of adena level 40+ and reduce gatekeeper rate, the game is ridiculous easy to level up, even illegal servers is more difficult to achieve level, the things have to be balanced, nor in dream a level 40+ can drop 900 adenas in places where this would be the minimum drop of adena.
  12. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    CONTENT TERMS OF USE Can I create and/or distribute hack and cheats for your games? No. NCSOFT is 100% against hacks and cheats. Their use, attempted use, or distribution will result in the closure of any individual game accounts that are associated with the hacks or cheats. fully within the reality of the server this rule.
  13. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    people who have added vip, request the partial refund of unused "ncoins"
  14. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    we do not need xp events or items we want to do our own thing as always was proposed in l2, they filled up the server of crap by modifying the things that were difficult to achieve and making everybody rise level wildly and now want to brake all with inconsistent drop of adena to do this, and everything as a basis to be concerted this is putting more XP event and 50% drop that bad taste joke. When it fails, and will fail please put titanic music next to the server closing post, do it for the players.