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  1. Wow is launching classic. Wow takes care of bots and you can actually trade gold into your play-time or another blizzard games/products. Like if you play hearthstone, Heroes of the storm and etc. I came back to L2 after a long time of break I don't really know many servers, I preferred watching streams and got caught on that hype of official classic.
  2. Keep in mind it's 3 years alive. I can tell you from my own experience, I once joined no wipe server c4-h5 on kamael version. By h5 (in 2-3 more years) I was hero sph - I was also playing different servers and coming forth and back with trading items between them. I had competition - 2 other really strong sph players so it's possible to achieve stuff on old long lived servers.
  3. Broken report button. Broken support system. Not allowed to disclose bots. Broken XIGNCODE Bots are everywhere. People were right, nothing gonna happen, nothing gonna change, it's server for whales who can spend big money and avoid ban because of this. It's called corruption. Server is corrupt.
  4. They don't allow posting names on forum why they will show it on livestream?
  5. People are already started leaving and getting refunds. You're waiting in queue to log into low level zones dominated by bots, mid zones alive and high level zones bleeped up. GLHF in this game after you log in, just remember after you hit level 40 you have nowhere to farm just to create new accounts to only see the bots because farming in higher level zones isn't profitable at all (unless you're lucky af and get full drop)
  6. You don't. You quit the game. Because bot's aren't banned.
  7. @Amraith Why you deleted my post? People have the right to know and check that support is lying so they won't waster their time making tickets. You can give me perma ban because I won't stop until I'll feel that enough of people have seen it. I have nowhere to report cheaters now, you don't care but I do care and people who also care will have a reason to quit now as for some the main reason of staying here was waiting for news about new system against bots. The evidence support is lying https://imgur.com/AKPuy93 Message me for nick names to check that bots are still online. I'm not v
  8. 1st. Go and read the discussion before answering. 2nd. I'll help you to understand my topic. I want to lower the amount, not to eliminate all of them, I haven't said in a single place about perfect solution and elimination of bots. 3rd. If you think this system is ok and has no place for improvement, then I'm sorry but I have no will to discuss it with you.
  9. Sorry brah it's illogical solution. To do this they will need to refund all the $ spent on boxes, refund all the $ to people who quit because of ban on dual boxes and what's the worst, the income won't be high enough to sustain server so they will have to add some P2W items to the shop and so then we all gonna cry - take those items out of shop!!! Nope man, not gonna happen.
  10. You really think they will refund all the money to all the people who invested $ into their boxes??? But I like this impossible idea
  11. "Hello,We apologize for the late response as we are currently receiving high volumes of tickets.Thank you for reporting this incidents. We are in the process of investigating these accounts. No action has been taken yet as it can take a few days to gather the necessary evidence but rest assured that we are committed to removing any account breaking the rules from our game." I have asked more questions, I will update it
  12. @Juji @Hime Could you please us inform more about this topic?
  13. Then I misunderstood you. But in my own opinion mirroring is automation of alts.
  14. People never stated that he's afk. Some wrong names were used like bot and stuff. The hot discussion started since his first reply when he stated that the actions performed by that person are totally ok on the server. Me and most of the people in here told it should be not ok, while this person states it's ok. I can't wait for reply from administration about this. If they say it's ok. Oh god, I can only imagine what will happen with this server.
  15. Semi automatization, whatever. It's partly automatizated then. Because he's not the one who pushes f2 or wherever nukes is. The software or hardware orders to do it. He orders hardware or software.
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