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  1. Agree with the OP very much. Here, I drew a history of L2 Classic NA adena scaling (https://imgur.com/a/cbXzDzP). Forgive me for my elite paint skills, but you get the point, oh you smart brilliant people you. So at first it was nice and hard, but too hard for some (most) players. At this point nobody knows about the higher lvl zones, so nobody cares, but they probably scaled just fine. NCSoft's heart softens and they increase adena drops in low lvl zones. Alright, people calm down and keep on lvling, until they find out that in party zones, such as ant nest, they cant sustain a prof
  2. So many people cannot see the game beyond hunting... In my opinion, hunting shouldn't be profitable at all. I mean come on, you want to receive exp AND adena? That's way too easy.
  3. Hi, Sorry if this has been said before, couldn't bother myself to look through 17 pages. Have you noticed that if you cancel your queue, the next time you log in it says "account is in use"? That means that you are still in queue even if you close the client after getting tired of waiting. This must be contributing to the queue times significantly in my opinion.
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