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  1. Are there no rules for them?

    Thats a player in a 14 players clan who is griefing lowbies . 14 player clan war rules has to be changed . They are harrasing others with no fear for war . This is an exploit !
  2. There have been so many changes in the game as of late and I feel like we should reevaluate not being able to declare war to a clan that has less than 15 players in it. There are several people taking advantage of this. They keep the clan at 14 people and are pk’ing others in the game with no consequences besides a “debuff”. They can attend siege and not have war declared as well. They run around griefing other players and clans. If they do not want war, they should refrain from doing such things and war will not be declared. They should not be exempt from having consequences for their actions. Some have even gone as far as to purchase new clans to put other members in to prevent war from being declared on them. I feel like they are taking advantage of the under 15 members limit and it’s not intended for what they are doing. Thank You!
  3. Why you want to close the thread so bad ? You want exploit more this game mechanics ?You want grief more low lvl players ? You want have unfair advantage in swords,pvp or sieges ?
  4. Thank you for understanding .
  5. Fight them the same way they fight us ? Then they should make all the clans with maxim 14 players . You all just talk out of hate and impotance to pvp not based on any logic .
  6. I see it is too complicated for you to understand, i tried my best, sorry maybe you will understand later, not everything in this game reduces to harrasment .
  7. I am not mistaken , in order to get to the pvp zone one has to pass through safe zone . To explain you more , while clans who have wars can fight allong the way this players in the 14 players clans unless flagged people have to pk them, and as the pk system it is now it is difficult do that . So for that i say they have an unfair advantage so if the pk system changed this 14 limit cap for clan wars should change also .And that is only part of the problem, this people do kill other clan by pk for farm spots and those clans cannot declare war to them because of the 14 player limit .Not everyone is willing to be pk like this bullies in 14 player clans. Thank You for replying to the post.
  8. I dont want pk nobody, i want all who participate in pvp events and are tagged in clans have the same combat rules, not as now , when this people abuse a game mechanic to gain advantage in pvp . If it is no advantage about it why you all cry so much you dont want it changed ? We want play the game nice not exploiting like you.
  9. It sounds to me like exploiting from this clans, cause if they wouldnt want be involved in pvp they wouldnt pk,grief or participate in mass pvp , waiting for clans who have wars to use skills then they hit after,taking an unfair advantage .
  10. I am not talking about low players in low clans , i am talking about big players in 14 players clans griefing others and taking advantage of this for pvp . And as for LosBandidos clan , we do not pk players , we do not ks, neither declare war unless clans or players that attacked us .No clan on this server can say got war declaration from LosBandidos for no reason . Thank You!
  11. We talk here about 14 player clans who bully others and gain unffair advantage in sieges,swords,pvp . You go lvl , come back talk to me when you wont be 1 shot . Thank you!
  12. Why would we make dark castles when there are players who just stay in 14 members clan and kill our clan members without us beeing able to war them ? System is out of date and needs to be changed not allow this 14 players clans bully honest players and have unfair advantages in pvp,sieges,swords.
  13. Nobody threaten anyone, stick to the subject toxics .
  14. And if you have a glass jaw you should watch your mouth... we talk about 14 players clans here and the way they use it as an unfair advantage. What are you talking about ?
  15. The ones who bully are the ones in the 14 members clan , for all the rest the PK system was adjusted so go be toxic in other place .
  16. It is so obvious now for all the players on the NCSOFT server that you guys are just toxic , exploiting game bugs and same time reporting others for making honest mistakes as a teleport who most people tought was part of game . For this toxicity you spit the l2 community sadly i hear will be smaller , some people will quit because they are tired of your toxic game play , and an example of the game you play is this post. I hope GM's will look at this and take actions as they did with the teleport .
  17. It is not that when they go arround and pk other players and participate in mass pvps or sieges with clans that dont have the same upper hand as they have and for that the system has to be changed or not allow this players flag .
  18. My topic here is about how people abuse the 14 members clan system . I understand your saying, what i talk about here is how this players abuse this system to grief others or take unfair advantages in sieges,swords or pvp, while the system itself is designed to protect players who want pve and none of that .
  19. If any go to siege must face war consequences as you say , and that should be for all clans not only for 15 members + .
  20. It cannot be abused both ways because PK system changed a lot . Now talking about sieges or swords pvp , while players in clans with 14 + members get war activated by pvp ing in siege and if flagged , the other players in clans under 14 players do not activate war when killing other players so if not flagged one has to PK them when they move from safe zone to pvp area , where they can kill other players without war starting for them . This system is unfair at this moment and doesnt apply to the game as curently is .
  21. In that case , if a clan pk you and you dont want start war, killing the Pk does not start the war.I understand what you are saying but PK ing has penality. My problem is about clan under 14 players who abuse this system who is intended to help people like you . It is just not working anymore in the way that was intended and has to be changed .
  22. Yourself just pk'ed our members as today, GM can check your logs so dont talk about toxicity, when you are abusing a system created to help new players and clans. You are a game mechanics exploiter and we wait for severe actions against players who do so .
  23. So you try finding more ways of exploiting the game system, more then your clan does now ?
  24. The castle siege is about pvp, why would this clans witch are not able to have clan wars would be allowed go in siege zones. They are exploiting the game because siege is not only about the siege grounds, pvp happens outside siege zones as in clan wars also .
  25. FYI i never played in magmeld server, we speak seriously here if you just came to flame please mind your businiess.