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  1. Then whoever is in a 14 player clan and pk another player should be permanently banned .
  2. The game now allows any player set up their farming MONSTERS only so cannot kill no other players . Sorry buddy i dont know what exploits you are talking about my clan plays the game clean.
  3. One cannot go automatically to war as you saying , have to kill the other player 5 times, sorry buddy you are wrong .
  4. Couldn't agree more.It is obviously an exploit in my opinion, but this is why forum exist so people can share their toughts. Thank You!
  5. Yes I am sure.It is both by clan lvl and the amount of players inside clan.
  6. Chronos pvp

  7. MShames

    Divekio dagger 105 damage vs Quentino 287 553k, iSnipeyes 299 492 + 278 878, iAfum 903 930,iBuffGirl, Unstrung, DrSpark , lvl 106, cloaks +18, brooch jewel 6, big mouths
  8. MShames

    Stop cry QQuentino , I killed you today , if we talk about the past I solo ed your noob party so many times on all servers I cant even remember how many times :))
  9. MShames

    "HAHAAHAH" you are a wannabe :)))
  10. MShames

    Quentino u are a joke :)))
  11. MShames