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  1. oh and bloody pixy is ofc there so we cant pk them
  2. Swampland near dark elf town there are like 20 elf bots ( white elf ) they cast shield on them self. hunt bats. so many bots that 3 bots hit 1 bat. Cant kill bats cos there are too many bots. Gludio server. but prop on all server? please just teleport there GM and clean the area. or other players come here and help me report them. i can report 1 every 30mins but only 7 i think? a day.
  3. What are inside these packs. the info says "Scroll of escape". i wont pay 1500 points for 25 scrolls of escape for the hunter pack? And are soulshots from shop tradeable? like if i buy on buffer and trade my damage dealer?
  4. seems like no response from the team @Hime sorry for tag. but just forward this to the tech team
  5. fought them on Gludio and they have insane hp box. used all my free soulshots on them quickly and they stil barely took any damage, ( yes i know i can buy new shots from your ingame shop) Im prop done with the quest when you see this message, but please fix it for the next person, it have like 20x hp and same xp. big waste and annoying to fight
  6. not everyone 3 box and few does more. but most have 2 chars. on average id say. ofc half server is afk.
  7. Is any of the 3 servers English? atm i play on Aden. and i very rarely find a english player. mostly i get insulted in spanish if i ask a lationo or brazil player to speak English, ofc i i ask nicely. but i would prefer to play with other players then solo, i also check nearly no English clans? Thank you
  8. i aggree atm its 2x or 2.5x rate for vip + rune. i want old style. and other response No we dont want to play skelth for obvious reasons...
  9. Can you say more then just "no" im not suggestion to close the current servers. just making a server for the people that like to play hardcore without bots. you can stil play on the 3 other servers
  10. make gatekeeper free until level 20 is good. i remember it being a pain in the ass to use gatekeepers lol. i ran to dion from gludio in old days to save 3400 adena and took teleport to giran harbor from dion and scroll of escape to save adena haha yea is good idea too
  11. Many of us love the old classic lineage 2. but it had its flaws and you bring new flaws to our experience so i will point some of these things out, dont worry you will make ekstra money ncsoft Here is the idea. New server paid subscription 5-10 dollars a month. no p2w shop. only cosmetic. quite simple So make a poll maybe? Sub based server and you can keep the truly free servers where people can pay to skip que and gain multiple experience bonus and other stuff. and give us a 1x server with a cosmetic shop only. with the ekstra money you make hire a few game masters to take care of
  12. The ips gets saved. if one of them bots in the dorm all of them will get banned if they use shared IP. as they cant see if its the same person.
  13. Why the hate? you want to know why EU players play here instead of L2 EU?. That is becourse that is a Russian server called L2 classic eu. 90% russians and nearly entire server is bots. If you are a English player you will get chased out of hunting spots. But honestly i didnt find many NA on aden server that i tried. only SA. there isnt a English guild or player in sight world chat is spanish, general. and 95% clans.. but ill be happy if they give us a EU server i be very happy if it is a subscription server so we can lose all the adena sellers.
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