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  1. Wtf is going on. I haven't been able to log for more then 2 weeks and all my runes a ticking. Not to mention the xp I'm losing not being able to be at raids. I am a us citizen and think it's funny how all the other players non us are able to log with VPN and I cant. I tried using a VPN to see if it would even work and it did yesterday but dosnt work today and just gives me the same problem. Fix your game. This is bullshit
  2. lvl 69 melle toon, with OE fists. You sure they aren't your bots? NCwest will do nothing about it, they will continue to just bleed players and personal. Margrot has already left for Ashes of creation. Once that game comes out, this game will be dead, unless they do something about bots, and the inevitable pvp scripting that will follow. Hardware should be banned 100%, much better than banning logical addresses. Once they announced that inventory items wouldn't drop from non-reds, we all should have known they were going to nothing about bots, but create a paradise in which they would th
  3. Isn’t your boy fooz walking around with a +9 sage staff? Lol
  4. I wouldn’t worry so much about possible exploits. Why you don’t and juji worry about all the bots on the servers? You can take 20 minutes out of your 8 hour work day to go visit the necro or catacomb on talking island server. I mean wtf do you and/or juji for 8 hours a day?
  5. Yeah, an it have something useful like brooch jewels or safe enchant scrolls?
  6. Quit trying to come to these servers and exploit the game. Bye
  7. Doubtful. You rmt, botted, or had some bad boy program on your pc.
  8. Not you specifically, the player base as a whole.
  9. Quit buying adena, that will solve the bot problem
  10. This is probably the best post, on any Internet forum, in the past decade.
  11. Jesus, just go play some x500 illegal server.
  12. A) You're an idiot B) Juji already classic server will not have brez and bsoe
  13. This has literally happened to me 0 times, and all the people I have play with. 0 times. Playing with two new accounts now on classic, banned zero times. Same with every CP member of mine. 0 times.
  14. Jesus Christ. Now people want mana pots. Enough of this shit. The game is ez enough as it is.
  15. @Hime you can eat tomorrow, we need to know if lost exp will be restored lol. Enjoy your break.
  16. Will people be getting back all the xp they lost from previous deaths that they shouldn't have?
  17. Good point. Why don’t @Hime @Juji do this once a day at least? Takes 20 minutes
  18. Why not ban vpn as well to keep people from countries that are not allowed to create accounts here, from being able to create accounts? ban
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