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  1. well 3rd try since yesterday afternoon to login every time i reach low numbers it goes slower and slower until it gets stuck completely... im done ...not even gonna bother any more ..my weekend is ruined my xp and also my mood to play anymore...
  2. not sure exactly in classic how it works but the only way maybe helps a tiny bit is put dyes +4 wit - int ... higher wit is supposed to have better resist to curses if "fear" actually counts as a curse... but even with that dont expect much change i guess..
  3. no its not ..u must log to giran to get it ...
  4. all that true but to get vip u must first login to spend the coins in game ... good luck with that...:S
  5. ye tried that yesterday went to sleep with 2 windows on 1700... wake up this morning it was stuck at 96 ... close try to relog 8 in the morning 600 queue..ok 2-3 hours i guess i will log... after 2-3 hours one window was 100 the other was 114... ok almost there... another half an hour past no change...im guessing stuck again ..... a few min later second window starts droping slowly like 1 every few minutes... now after 4 and a half hours the first window is still 100 the other one is 93 :///// this is crazy ....
  6. well mine is allready gone since yesterday ...so i guess u continue with the secondary from the quest ....if u ever log in that is...
  7. and once after waiting 4 hours in queue stuck in 100 .... now what ?
  8. i agree it has nothing to do with vip or not... even vip started having small queue ...and if more people buy vip then queue will be the same for them also... the problem right now is that after the update that supposed to fixed the issue in login the queue is longer and cause of that people just stopped log out ... so the queue issue got even worst than it was before... .. i think simple solution is to disconnect afk chars in game either fishing or whatever every hour or something if thats even possible to do ...
  9. for me cant login since yesterday afternoon... first try 2 windows started 1700 ...first window stuck at 1200 second window got dc about 400 after 6 hours or something... then i say ok i try put it again go to sleep at least i play this morning... i wake up ...both stuck at 95-96 ...:/ and ok maybe i understand that is new server and problems can come up even if its ncsoft ... but no support on weekends ? really ?
  10. so they cant have more people except if there vip ...then no problem all can login.. ?
  11. u can do both quest if u want no problem ... but u only get xp on one of them ... if u transfer class then u cant go back..
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