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  1. adena drop

    Welcome to our servers. Item drop rate is even lower and spoil is like 4 to 30 times lower depending on the spoil. Its not that bad , i like it actually . L2 wiki rates are like pvp server tbh ..
  2. Does blue mobs have lower drop rates too?

    Wrong. there is no penalty for Green/white/yellow/pink/red. u only get penalty for mobs that are 6 or more levels and bellow ur char (blue) Penalty for 6 lvls difference is not big ( ~ x0.8) but it gets huge on 7 or bellow basically farm anything thats not Blue. NCwest actually posted a table but u have to dig a lot in the "Archive" section
  3. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    So it will most likely be on ur Superball weekend or w/e its called
  4. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    im 99% sure 1st sieges will be next weekend . nothing to worry imo
  5. Best support class for Dagger?

    Dark elfs deal nice dmg tho Orc barracks till 30 then ant nest till 40
  6. Best support class for Dagger?

    full support dagger is the hardest class to level solo tbh. id say prophet , if u make 3rd box +bd . pretty standart setup. u can always buy Fish stews for vamp.
  7. sumoner class recommendation

    doont listen to him he is trolling ( i hope he is) Best PVE summoner is Elf - if u wanna use Mage staff and farm as mage or Dark elf if u want to go full melee playstyle Best PVP summoner is Elf by far and worst is Dark elf Set - Robe if u go with mage playstyle or Light if u go with melee playstyle. ur End game set is BW light set regardless if u melee or mage. Weapon - Dagger/Duals/ Blunt ( blunt is rly good if u got Othell rune for critical rate *will be released next month*) and ofc mage staff if u go with the Mage playstyle Beast Shots - only 40+ and u will have really hard time . If u dont "play" the market and sell keymats/mats/drops its hardly possible or ur adena income will be 0 aka all adena will go into shots. ( maybe in Cruma or Enchanted valley will be OK cuz proof of blood worth a lot and adena drop is rly nice there. AOE - Elf > Dark elf . Elf got aoe nuke while dark elf got aoe posion and corpse burst ( explode dead monsters) and i dont think warlock got anything for Aoe Dyes - this is hard one. i guess +WIT -MEN should be standart for both playstyles. if u go for Elf and mage playstyle go for +INT aswell
  8. B grade

    helm 15-20kk. boots+gloves 4-5kk . tunic / stockings impossible to find
  9. B grade

    BW robe. cost - too much .
  10. Archer Server

    even without fatal counter dark elfs will be better then elf archers. so yea. it is broken
  11. Greater Heal problem?

    ofc it wont heal double. it scales with matk ,if u have 0 matk then yeah it will double. and greater heal IS efficient .Try healing 70 char with pp heal . there is no way u outheal the DPS taken by mobs/chars 70+ with PP heal. just like AngeMarkel said u will need 2 or 3 heals to get the same value. never judge skills by their base power . they always add the power over the base patk/matk.
  12. Enchanting question

    Armors are really really hard to enchant to +6 .
  13. How Do I Level Up My Clan Lv3?

    Are u the clan leader? Try with the clan leader char
  14. Next update - Runes / Bsoe / Macro

    whos crying lol . annnd i agree . compared to other runes Othell should be nerfed 10 times. i think its just mistake from the beggining. on alt Alt+k > passive its says 20 for but it gives 200 lvl 13 rune is 33 patk lvl 13 rune - 103 matk lvl 13 rune - 6.6% cast lvl 13 rune - 5% atk speed lvl 13 rune- 17 max mp . NO % , flat 17 mana.. yes enough for 1 wind strike ???????????? lvl 13 othell is 375 critical rate????? use ur brain and tell me its balanced i believe it was broken/bugged from start and they didnt fix it cuz all the adena that got sink into it and the player outrage because mages was SUPER dominant on early classic.
  15. Boss Drop Rates admins?

    because they dont drop parts anymore? "Classic" is not "Chronicle 1-5 " btw its new remastered game version