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  1. Full server

    this doesnt seem very fair, would have been a better move to let ppl log max 3 accounts. now many ppl log 7 accs while others cant play at all
  2. @Juji @Hime latency issue is still not fixed .......
  3. Game is unplayable now!

    ofc not lol
  4. Game is unplayable now!

    @Juji any progress on lag issues??
  5. lag is back full time, realy hope u will find a fix soon. not much fun "playing" like this
  6. y was smooth for some time, but now is back to full lag. sometimes it takes me like 20s to kill mobs i normally need 2s to down.
  7. i think it started happening after one of the patches u guys made, just after update was still fine if i remember correctly
  8. lag/delay still terrible, nothing changed
  9. Hero shout solution

    Healthy competition funny
  10. Lag Issues

    lag is getting worse, every few seconds char just stops hitting all server is having this issues
  11. would help alot if there wouldnt bee x different versions of the same item. and this happens aloooooot, just an example: the bsoe and the brez we can get from ongoing event doesnt stack up with old items, why????
  12. Dye powder is still missing ..... it has been adressed atleast 20 times the past days must be realy hard to put it back into NPC...... lucky guys that are selling thousands of dye powder for 3-5 times the price, some ppl may find this wierd??? coincidence ???
  13. from support and also suggested by Juji this seems to work:
  14. y i made a ticked 7 days ago, now 15 mails later still the same error happening. lets hope Juji can speed up the process a bit
  15. im trying to subscribe again when i go to "shop" on website and press "LEARN MORE" on the prestige pack i get an instant "ERROR, something went wrong, please try again later", cant even press the "subscribe" button before error appears Same error happens when i try to subscribe in account settings