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  1. tyvm Juji sry my bad didnt see post about talismans up alrdy, ty ^^
  2. also can u plz repost old event informations, i.e. how to craft up abundance talismans etc etc ..... since u deleted old homepage and forums those informations are all gone ......would be nice to get some info on items u sell in your store, not every1 know this stuff tyvm
  3. exactly this the problem has been around for a long time now, but lately its getting worse and worse. i think it first started occuring about a year ago. it has been discussed and stated multiple times in this forum over the past months, also it has been reported several times but support keeps telling ppl its issue on player side. when it occurs every1 on server has it.
  4. any word on the still every hour ongoing shots lag? would appreciate an answer ty
  5. SS BUG

    just anoying, and its not like hasnt been known for a long time now...... and still not a single word or effort from dear ncwest
  6. for gods sake can u plz start to do something with the shots lag. it has been been ignored for too long now -.-
  7. hello there, can we plz have some statement concerning the shots bug that has been going on for over a year now? it has alrdy been adressed prolly hundred times, and its still there, and we still wait and wait and wait for something to happen ....... would be realy nice ty !
  8. some kind of compensation would be nice, considering how expensive your game is maybe bit more then angel cat. i asume u know your prices on runes etc etc ..... btw just a small reminder: when ppl are UNABLE to LOG they cant even claim angel cat, not very smart move to put it as compensation .........
  9. dear Juji and Hime, how to enchant shirts when there are close to no enchant scrolls? not to mention the enchant rates are very bad greetings
  10. thumbs up for @Juji and @Hime ! we have seen more from u guys in the past 2 weeks then from neutron and conquero in the past 6 months, keep up the good work
  11. as far as i remember many ppl asked for what items where to be deleted, correct if im wrong but i dont think there ever was an answer from official side on this :// no?