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  1. from support and also suggested by Juji this seems to work:
  2. y i made a ticked 7 days ago, now 15 mails later still the same error happening. lets hope Juji can speed up the process a bit
  3. im trying to subscribe again when i go to "shop" on website and press "LEARN MORE" on the prestige pack i get an instant "ERROR, something went wrong, please try again later", cant even press the "subscribe" button before error appears Same error happens when i try to subscribe in account settings
  4. any news here? atleast for me subscription for prestige pack still doesnt work .....
  5. prestige pack subscriptions still doesnt work
  6. make ticket to be advised to "ckeck files" or "restart" the game??
  7. same problem here, tells me: "This web site is currently under maintenance. Please check back soon." so what is "soon" gonna be? 2 weeks? 2 months? ???
  8. Bait x Shining Scroll

    this is prolly the reason why the next generation p2w pots can be bought with fishing baits
  9. 100% boost of what drops? your rates are so bad that wont change anything .....
  10. dunno if its only me but chronos is laggy
  11. so 9 h maintenance to resolve an issue with prestige pack with the result of the prestige pack not working?? in adition email verification all messed and forums not working for some time...... and this is happening on the most expensive version of Lineage........
  12. Forums posting is up but...

    how about u turn the email verification off until u know whats going on no?????
  13. is there any news/progress on fixing the shots lag ?
  14. u fixed it wrong, today is not wednesday !!!!