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  1. @Juji melee lag is horible, once again ....................-.-
  2. @Juji hit lag is realy bad still. its just frustrating to play any melee toon. its so damn tiring to beg u guys to fix it all the time. are u still working on it? what are u planing to do? can u plz share some infos with us?
  3. my bad. wow 233 days.................................
  4. two and a half months and still the same terrible situation, for me its abvious ncwest doesnt have the know-how to run a server, they seem to have no clue whats going on. all we get are some lame excuses once a week at the very best. prove me wrong, i have little hope left tho..... in the meantime EU got next update on smooth running servers. maybe its time to ask them for help since they obviously know what they are doing?
  5. one more thing i forgot: selling blessed circlet scrolls for 3times the ingame price in l2store is scaming. @Andouille alrdy told before store promo went live...... also selling recharge stones for timed zones at normal price isnt much fair play, half the number of mobs to reduce lag, and server is still lagging. i hope @Jujiu will maybe reconsider this......
  6. hi @Juji we know that u are in contact with the Dev, this is just status quo since 6+ weeks. The question is WHAT are u going to do WHEN to finaly fix your stuff???? this is frustating .....
  7. hi @Juji yesterday in the first hours after maintenance server was running ok, today lag and latency is full terror again can u share with us whats the plan next? how much more time will it need? ty
  8. only NCWEST can tell u why they need 6 weeks to upgrade their hardware
  9. hi @Juji did u finaly receive your hardware? any chance u can upgrade today? or atleast put daily server restarts?? would be nice if this 6 week of horror finaly comes to an end. ty
  10. @Juji can u plz reboot the server, lag is even more insane since yesterday..................
  11. so Hardware will be rdy on the day of classic server consolidation. ok cool
  12. ok ty for info. could u consider doing server restarts more frequent, maybe every day or every 2 days until the new hardware is set??
  13. hi @Juji any news? u got the new hardware finaly?
  14. @Juji ok ty for info. any news? when are u expecting to have new hardware? how long will it take to setup? would be nice to know if this is a matter of days or weeks or whatever....
  15. i have the feeling ncwest is trying to prolong a fix until they have done their classic server merges, hoping it will solve all problems we have on live servers, and they dont need to spend on any new hardware
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