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  1. Mmmh Why do you want to enter Talking? I arrived 6 minutes after the servers opened and it was full, then I entered Giran that was still Ligth and now it takes 6 hours if I get to deslog, the problem is the bots and donors that do not go afk and are with all their buffers fishing. I recommend you if you could not login to another server, Talking was only the first option
  2. 1- sorry for english from google translate my native lenguage is Spanish 2- from the first day I saw a person with about 6 characters behind, bots and people who passed levels. Actually, they told me they did not ban the bots but they gave them a 3-day penalty. This does not solve anything! they will only return the only one to get a game CLASSIC is to be done to the old school, play from 2.004 Lineage 2 and I want to return to that experience, if the donors who think themselves superior get angry I do not care. If they leave, I do not care either because I want a fair game that is equally
  3. I agree, that they block the game to one client per person, the sociability and difficulty if it would transform this game into a real CLASSIC, barely go 10 days and there are already 48+ LEVEL. This without cheating or playing automatically is impossible to achieve and I speak that I saw one speaking in the world asking for party 48+ two days ago or more on the other hand there will always be the donors who think they are superior with their advantage and the friendly people of some corrupt GM. I hope to change the rules already, before the game continues on the road to perdition, I prefer th
  4. from the first day I find bugs in shields only remove evasion but they do not increase the P.Def as they should and the posions that apparently their logo / illustration does not go with their name and even with the one that appears on the screen after using them. Here is a video that shows
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