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  1. Solo Exp Shaman (20)

    I would say either outside gludio or at ruins of dispair
  2. Dot resistance???

    I assume that M. Atack is also part of this equation as well right?
  3. Dot resistance???

    Thats not correct cause my palua knight can poison / sting even yellow monsters with almost 1/2 chance.. on the other hand shamman dots are like imposible to pass on anything other than green and blue
  4. Dot resistance???

    Yea I was talking about https://l2wiki.com/classic/Frost_Flame_-_Orc_Shaman It literally fails non stop
  5. Dot resistance???

    Are you talking about single freezing flame or the aoe one? I cab bet you single target one wont work on red mobs, i have been testing it for hours to yellow mobs and it dont work.
  6. VIP Drop Rate Bonus in Party

    Make scense then.. 👍
  7. VIP Drop Rate Bonus in Party

    1.25x ((1x + 1.5x)/2) so how this formula is valid? What is the 1.25x in front... Cause if its divided between party members it should be the sum of the rates of each party member divided by the number of members.. how is the 1,25 in front comes in?
  8. VIP Drop Rate Bonus in Party

    How did you come up to that equation? Also do you have a proof of your claims? Cause at the moment its your word against a devs word...
  9. Dot resistance???

    So you are telling me that you find it normal that shamans debuffs get resisted 3/5 times they are cast to white monsters and other debuffs like poison root etc are working perfectly fine even in yellow monsters? Its even happening in pvp. Same level target as me with novice rings and i have to frost flame him 5-6 times.. This is not how its suppose to be and not how it used to be on classic era
  10. Dot resistance???

    I dont see how is your comment relevant to this post... We are saying that our single target DoT -aka frost flame- does not work properly. Just in case of someone from the devs bothers to check this post, I am playing with robe-mage staff and sometimes run with empo and ss as well and still on white mobs I might even have to cast 5-6 frost flames before it gets through... They way this is working at the moment its almost impossible to solo xp as a shamman unless you hit much lower level monsters...

    The time you put into this post is highly appreciated and whether I agree with some of your points I have to disagree with most of them..Let me clarify 1. "We did not expect this volume of ppl" is not an excuse at any way.. I am sure they know what happens even when some shitty private server like Lionna or Tales etc.. Opens. Even these servers are peaking at 15k wich is triple the capacity of what we have now. So they should have bought better servers cause THEY KNEW its going to be overpopulated. That leads to only 2 conclusions. A) The low cap was intentional to make people get VIP status aka pay to play B) Someone responsible for this sector of the game did his job very poorly. 2. It is unacceptable to have people locked out of their accounts for 6 days for automated system failure. They should have people monitoring bot activity manually or at least have a more sophisticated anti bot system. I know cases that people where locked just because they changed their IP address which is unacceptable at 2018 3. I see many people saying that is weekend and they don t work.. People wake up please. Every online service provider has 24/7 - 7/7 - 365/365 someone who you can contact in case of an issue. Of course they dont have a full team and of course they dont have all their devs in. But they should AT LEAST have someone to respond to enquires even if that response is "we will look into this on Monday" 4. What is the most annoying and irresponsible thing which again they got 0 excuse about is the lack of communication and the lack of support provided to people. It is understandable that you have a high amount of tickets but what they expect? They released a game that is at best at 50% of what it should be.. AS MENTIONED TO COUNTLESS POSTS THEY SHOULD AT LEAST PROVIDE US INFORMATION OF WHATS GOING ON!!!! Warmest regards
  12. They are not bots, both of them only had 1 window open -aka their mains where locked- and its an automatic procedure of their wi fi.. everyday at 6:00 modem restarts and changes the IP.. Thats preety common and it shoulbe cause a lock They opened a ticket 6 days ago and they only got 1 response saying that the issue is known and they are working on it 6 DAYS AGO!!!! JOKES
  13. They didnt do anything like that, they are just living in dorm and they dont have static ip meaning their IP address changes everyday automatically... Thats a joke on ncsoft behalf....
  14. I got 2 members of my CP locked off their accounts for like 6 days now and the support from the devs both on thicket and on email was non existent. What is going on with this issue.. It is unacceptable that people can not log in to their accounts because of some VPN issue and its even more unacceptable that no one gives a damn about this from the devs team.. PLEASE ELABORATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Dot resistance???

    Indeed in pve it seems low white mobs and i need to cast 3-4 frost flames sometimes even more.. Can someone from the devs please check that?