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  1. Yes.. I am. In this case it's worth it if it's possible to enchant the skill on something useful. For example recharge mana or hp or something else.
  2. You are funny man. This is not PvP game anymore. Pvp died a long time ago(4 years ago if I want to be precise). Now is Visa vs Player. And with all this class unbalancement and no lv limit it's just a joke. Tank can be killed from archer. Archer can kill entire party or more. Archer can hide, jump etc. If that's not a joke then I don't know. If I want fair PvP then L2 is not the place. But this is not the reason for this topic. PK should be punishable to stop the enormous abuse. If you want to clean a farm spot- then lv up a summoner-easy peasy! PS. I never afk more tha
  3. Dude, stop play like a bot and you won't have problems with ppl. 3-5 computers? Are you crazy? Sure I have like 5-6 laptops at home but to use them for L2 - never! The only reason I see someone to play so hard L2 like you is RMT. Sorry.
  4. Do you use macros keyboard or mouse? They used to be allowed but now i'm not sure.
  5. Mail is expensive feature in the classic!
  6. What algorithm? Did you read this on their official page? If you register your accounts with your real names there is no chance to close your account for having your card info on more than one. Their algorithm for that is if you purchase big amount of ncoins in short time - their security system can flag you for suspicious activity and you won't be able to purchase ncoins from this card. This happened to me 3 years ago with my PayPal account and I had a talk with their support - that's all.
  7. Well it's too late for the live server.. Back in time Juji wrote in the old forum that adena and drop rate were permanently reduced with the launching of GoD because of the bots. Few years later nothing changed even when people asked to bring back the old state of the adena and drop because there were no more bots running around. But lets see the classic. On the second week of the start of the classic they've already improved the xp and drop rate (at least succeeded with the low levels mobs till lv 35-ish). They know the problem with the queue causing big disappointment. I'm sure they will fin
  8. Check shops in Gludio, Giran, Dion etc - hundreds of hundreds...all online and taking server resources. Now go to Giran harbor and Gludio harbor. People are afraid to log out because they will be forced to wait all day on queue if they are not vip or even vip- 1 hour at least! Who has so much free time after work to waste in queue? Think. Now imagine you leave your char on the market and turn off computer and go to work or sleep. When you go back online you will see if you manage to sell anything. Sounds nice huh? And the benefit will be - couple if hundreds ppl less online but yet able t
  9. Offline shop it's not AH dude.. You've never played on not official servers when you can place your char on the market to sell/buy and you can shutdown your PC and your char will be still in the market? Those servers had capacity to maintain 9k ppl online 10 years ago! 10 years later with all the new technologies ncsoft cannot handle 6k...
  10. The spoil rates probably really have issues after lv 35+ or 40+( I can't tell by myself because I am 23) but I'm pretty sure that L2 has this "in game implenented server economy balance formula" because as many as people play, spoil etc.. the quantity for the adena/drop/spoil reduces. I found this on my old server NAIA before. When server is not crowded and people don't farm so much, adena and drop rate is significantly better. I guess we have same situation here. That's why I think that reducing the adena/drop/spoil by default in our l2 classic version is .. bad. Make it close to normal rates
  11. Seriously what the actual f***?! If all people decide to become VIP what do you think will happen with the VIP queue? Yesterday I was waiting almost 2 hours after work on the VIP queue plus why people should pay when the game is advertised to be Free to Play? They have to find a better solution and fix their queue related bugs as well. Why the screen for entering PIN has unlimited time? Why when you do cancel on the queue the server return system error and when you try to relog says account in use? ... Wake up Ncsoft!
  12. If more people decide to pay and become vip than you still going to have the same problem with the logging. Paying for free to play game us not a solution. Paying will just let Ncsoft continue to neglect the real problems in this game and fixing their bugs...
  13. Personally I think that going after somebody and insulting him that he's a bot does not make any sense or will make any difference. Better will be to make a video of him botting, report him and all of his boxes and open a ticket. Leave Ncsoft to decide what's on the video. Because believe me it's not human possible to have more than 3 accounts on "assist" even with 5 computers around you. There is no loop macro in this game and if you press assist in each account you will go nuts for less than 30 minutes. The fact that this guy entered his captcha does not mean that he's still not using
  14. Be careful, you are discussing illegal actions in the forum So you describe one very Dark Future of Classic Lineage 2 - servers full of boxes, afk shops, RMT and no real players because they will be tired to wait NCSoft to do anything at all...
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