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  1. Spoil quantity

    As Reynald0 says it seems all the mobs allways only give 1 ítem for spoil, doesn't matter if on wiki says that can go up to 3 or 5. The only time it was diferent was when I killed ol mahum raiders in partisan hideaway, the spoil of iron ore allways was 1 but animals bones could be more than 1, but max 3. In the wiki says 1-5
  2. a posible queues cause

    Hi, this is the third time that I encounter this problem. When i finish of play with my 3 characters, I choose exit from the menu and the game closes with normally. But then, when the next day I come to log in to play again, the first time I open any account I receive the message that my characters are already online, and the game client closes after that. I wondering if the server is counting my accounts as a life players all the time while im sleeping, causing more queues.

    Hi, he random appear in 2 o 3 locations on the dwarft map,and after a while he change again. Try to choose one and sit there waiting him. Yesterday I did my scavenger quest and after a bit of waiting on the north spot, he appears and I could do the quest without problems.