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  1. insulting people

    I have a full confidence that NCsoft can do their job and ban botters.
  2. insulting people

    Instantly attacking mobs from the same spot and not replying to anything is pretty suspicious activity. So you were botting after all and got banned. Great, one less bot in the server.
  3. insulting people

    Never seen a bot ksing and not replying back?
  4. insulting people

    You/your friend started to ks our train, then he parked in the middle of battleground and kept instantly ksing and didn't reply to anything. He acted like a bot and got reported. So stop acting like an innocent bleep and move on with your life.
  5. insulting people

    So it's fine you insult russians? [content moderated]
  6. I had same problem. I checked dimensional merchant, double checked inventory and checked mail. I was about to reply my ticket but just before it i checked my warehouse. There's a surprise waiting for you.
  7. @Hime my request for the same problem #22210953
  8. I cannot believe you are suprised that we still have the problem. We have been told by support via our tickets that the support dont do anything about it. Take my bleep ncoins and give me the launch pack so i can play with my friends. Thats all i want.
  9. Its not a competition whos in the worst sitution. We are all in the same boat, waiting if we ever get the pack. Its not like we can use our coins and think we get the pack without funds.
  10. Since only account who tried to purchase packs when there was server side error are affected, how many are we really? Like 100 accounts? It would take like few hours to manually deduct ncoins from account and apply launch pack. No, we are here waiting for a full week with total radio silence from devs about the issue. We only got generic copypasta from support without any real info. We are so low level that soon we cant even party with our clans/friends/cps. This situation is extreamly unfair and it should be priority number one to any company to deliver their product to paying customers.
  11. We can't buy the launch pack

    It seems that those who were unfortunate and tried to buy the pack when there was "Due to server failure..." error are now getting this "limited purchase" error even tho we don't have the packs.
  12. We can't buy the launch pack

    Same error here. My ticket for this has been up for 36 hours, still no reply from support. Only one day and the launch packs are gone. I have zero confidence that they are getting it fixed in time.