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  1. Hello all. As you maybe know, Kamael have arrived with update Classic 3.0 to korean servers. http://lineage2.plaync.com/classic/board/update/view?articleId=21501 So i have a proposition to NCWest: install the update, open new server with transfer to it from old servers WITHOUT TRANSFERING DAMN PENDANTS!!! and of course no pendants in shop on new server. because you killed old servers with adding pendants to shop. thank you. Qwal - player, who left with his CP after last update @Hime @Juji
  2. This is not classic ways. In Old Lineage 2, even in C1, never were such miserable chances for spellbook drops. I don't really understand why to do this thing? why keep chances for books so low? only who makes profit from this - are bots, selling CDL\DW for 10kk, and then selling adena for real money. I could understand such loyal attitude of NCSOft to bots, if the game was P2P... but it is F2P! So i really don't understand why keep this bot-parade. NCSoft, answer me plz @Hime
  3. I vote Nay. 'Cause i play irregular, and i don't want to think of payment, when i play 1-2 days per week. BTW, if NCSoft comes to P2P model, it should delete Item Mall, and every item that had been purchased there. And total refund, ofc.
  4. Bullshit. North korea, Cuba, Iran are licensed to Innova either? ;/
  5. And what is the reason for that list? It seems political. NCSoft is political department now? @Hime
  6. Mages are dead if you close the gap, so there IS balance now. And there is not only about "melee vs mage" balance. How about "dagger vs dwarf\tyrant\anyothermelee" balance? this will actually kill dagger classes, and instead mages there will be archers who will kill you in range with every second crit.
  7. in korea there is +40 max bonus, if i remember. it seems to me that +400 is totally imbalanced bonus. with such bonus there is no need in buffs for boosting your crit rate. and it will ruin the weapon balance, as soon as you will have equal crit rate with 2-h blunt or dagger
  8. then maybe you should read again what i actually asked him about o\
  9. Whoa, that was hot! Especially Trademark in the end of message! That's pity that you don't pay the same attention at the ingame problems like bots, or artificial deficit of spellbooks, like you do at the coolness of your posts.
  10. Hello. In producer's letter was an info 'bout comin update this month (february). So where are patch notes of this update? Especially im interested in the SA system. What type of Crit Rate SA will be introduced on our servers? +40 max or +400 max? @Hime @Juji
  11. looped macros will kill the game. everyone will have its own auto-constant-box-party. social part of the game will be ruined with guarantee. better to turn on the Auction House
  12. Massive LAGS are there on Giran. WTF, NCcrap?
  13. i AM egocentric. this what means being a member of capitalist community. if u dont like it - go to North Korea, there is only one egocentric person.
  14. It doesnt really matter for you, but for me - i like to have my own threads for MY proposals.
  15. Why are they so expensive? Summoners are imbas or what? This is not GoD, where summoner is real PVE imba, who can stay afk on macro, and have a great exp with 2 ranged summons. Even there (in GoD) beast SS are cheap - something near 15 aden for 1 soulshot. Here they are 70+ adenas for 1 SS, and summoners are not so effective as in GoD. You definitely messed up with this, everything should be vice versa: beast SS in GoD should cost 70+ adenas, but in classic they should cost not more then 15 adenas!!! @Hime @Juji
  16. Because of miserable drop rates, which does not actually compensate Soul\Spiritshots, i suppose it would be adequate to turn on Common gear sales at vendors in towns. Because using D-grade crap at 50+ is ridiculous.
  17. stews are easing game out, not AH. AH is common convenience for ANY mmo.
  18. zomg crybabies. PK him and thats all. or you too coward for that? then you shouldnt aoe exp.
  19. AH should be turned on, this is the demands of time. who want to surf market for hours in 2k19? idk
  20. whats wrong with that? i see only positives of that. bots problem should be addressed without harming to fair players it is stews should be deleted from game, because they impact such class as Shillen Oracle
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