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  1. Since we don't get replies from support and this is becoming a joke now, @Hime please check ticket: 22202765 . The difference is that 2400 NCoins from my account disappeared. It's been 1 week now and the support team is not helping. Thank you.
  2. At least you didn't have your NCoins deducted I have 2400 gone missing from my account and I am being ignored in both the support tickets and forums.. happy days! Oh yeah, without even being able to get the Chronicle pack
  3. Those weird responses from them.. gotta love them! You wait for days for a response and at the end the response doesn't even make sense.
  4. So.. after 5 days the issue did not resolve yet. Good thing is that I got a reply from support but all they said was: "I've checked your account and unfortunately, I am unable to locate any purchase of the Launch Packs from this account." Yet, my request as I said in the ticket again is: "1. Restore the 2400 NCoins that vanished from my account. This is something you can check I imagine. 2. Allow me to buy the Chronicle Pack. I keep trying to buy it, but it says that I can only buy it once.. yet I don't have it." I am not sure what is going on or how I can communicate this better to
  5. Can you fix the Packs and the missing NCoins please? Thank you.
  6. Similar issue as well. I got 2400 NCoins and tried to get the Chronicle pack but got the error instead. Then the NCoins disappeared from my account and didn't get the pack apparently. I got a reply for my ticket that I could get the pack so I got 2400 NCoins more and tried again, but still nothing. So it seems that I am minus $60 and nothing to show for! Instead of enjoying the game now, I keep checking my email to see if I got a response to my tickets... Funny thing is that refund is the last thing in my mind right now. I would prefer to get the pack and I don't care if I have 2400 NCoins ext
  7. So did anyone get any update? I even got 2400 more NCoins to try and get the pack because I won't be able to level the buffer with my friends in a while, but couldn't get the pack still. Also the first 2400 NCoins that I got are still missing..! Happy days!
  8. Almost the same thing happened to me. When the NCoin issue got solved, I got 2400 of them and went to buy the Chronicle pack. It bugged out or something and now I am left with no coins and no chronicle pack and don't know what's going on. Still waiting on those tickets
  9. I already checked the merchant in case that I got the pack somehow but didn't show in my transactions. Unfortunately there was nothing there
  10. I got NCoins earlier today by using my Visa Card since paypal was giving me an error. The charge came of 30 dollars and I got an email confirming the purchase. When I logged to my account I could see 2400 NCoins there, but when I tried to buy the Chronicles pack it failed and as an impatient person I tried to buy it several times before giving up. Later on I logged back to my account because I was told that it was fixed, but my NCoins went from 2400 to 0! I even checked to see if I got the pack but I didn't. Any ideas what happened and what can be done?
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