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  1. How will this affect you? well lets see, someone who has 3 pcs now can open up to 9 clients and if they change to 1pc per account then someone who has 3 pcs will open only 3 accounts. Maybe i have to write it out for your brain to understand: 9 =/= 3 clients.
  2. @Juji @Hime Seriously this is getting ridiculous I was watching someone streaming Lineage 2 classic on twitch, and suddenly disconnected followed by a 400 queue with VIP 4. What kind of bleep is this? https://www.twitch.tv/moo_uk NCSOFT NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS AND THE ANSWER IS NOT OPENING MORE SERVERS BUT REDUCING THE AFK SERVER POPULATION. I AM VIP MYSELF AND I WILL NOT BE WAITING 1 HOUR EVERYTIME THE SERVER KICKS ME OUT. FIX YOUR SHIT OR REFUND.
  3. Lock computers who use more than 1 distinct account. There's no reason why someone should be boxing in a game that has hundreds of players available to play with. Adena sellers are abusing the perks that casual players want in Lineage 2.
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