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  1. They said they won't fix the rates for now. What's so hard to understand? You agree to the rules when you hit "accept". Yeah, its lame , you have to choose between Cruma , EV and DV - live players will have to group for exping. Do your dailies, hate on the bots who run trains in solo locations, enjoy random gameplay, the boring grind and try to relax. Its not the same l2 except for the same bad aspects from before, however I do kind of enjoy what we've got. Also, yeah, merge servers soon, otherwise too many players will the quit before the first siege. If NCsoft wants players to bring in more cash they should make people feel like they are in a competition, otherwise they've go not reson to spend any time on the game.
  2. Banned Random People?

    I got randomly banned too - submit a ticket and give all your info . Spam emails if you have to. If you are legit you've got nothing to worry about when automatic system flags you.
  3. Clan Francais

    Server? Il y a un clan Francais sur Aden , lvl 3 deja J'ai aussi vu des autres clans au Giran.
  4. Idk, I have daily PvPs, clan wars, other shenannigans going on.. AI duting peak hours can be fun. I just created my box cleric , but in total clickd on like 20 boxes. Got nothing but scrolls, pots and candy.
  5. Dude, its been more than 12 years since we were kids , yeah? Those were different times. Today, you can still find all of that which you are describing to have been missing. I've thought the same thoughts, but found everything still existed. Yeah, 1-20 lvls are done in matters of hours and now the fun is at 35+ .
  6. the jugdment day is here

    https://imgur.com/a/PZCqsdn So what, just gonna spend a lot of time outdoors.
  7. Spellbooks

    45-46 lvls 2-3 accounts will net you some books or things you might need. True, if you play 3-5 hours a day you have enough time to do daily missions to fund the costs of your dungeon and then just hope for RNG. The only issue with servers is the drop \ spoil rates. Otherwise classic should not be that hard, especially in the later patches.
  8. Adena

    You have to craft D grade if you do not have too much adena. Start buying mats & keys.
  9. Just banned while xping with clan

    submit a ticket.
  10. Aden crashed

    @ "This is it, lads, they are rigging the Capital 200IQ Aden Server."
  11. While I was trying to drop keys around Hunters Village .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ9puYfTLzw
  12. Server down?

    This is it, lads, they are rigging the Capital 200IQ Aden Server.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNJTVLFotr0 but really it depends on the mood , different kinds.
  14. Anyone from Erica?

    Probably , but not too many people read this forum. If you give a world shoud in game you'll see.
  15. thailand group

    I've seen a few nicknames ending with "TH" . Thailand?
  16. Is Aden an actual good server for english speakers?

    Lots of English speakers, 20+ English clans, also lots of EU players . Even BR players speak english in parties ,if you ask. So idk , just play the game and see for yourself.
  17. Server queue

    This is why I started on Aden yesterday, waited 1k queue and decided not to do it every time. No regrets, server is growing.
  18. purchase

    You didn't get "the box" - talked to the Dimentional Merchant? I got coins about 12 hours ago , everything worked fine for me.
  19. aden at over 3100 players now

    Wanted to start on Giran, waited a 1k queue, then pressed cancel and logged into Aden. No regrets, currently doing spider quest. Too many people here.