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  1. Hi I should have screenshot'd it but I was trying to see what was happening and it went away before I could figure it out. I was kill golems in wasterland and with rune I was getting 2700 or so exp per kill with adena drops around 200+ per kill. Then I suddenly noticed I was getting 3500-3700 per kill and adena was over 500 per kill. I had about 10 mobs like that and suddenly it went back to original. Did anyone else notice this about 15 mins ago on aden or anyother server?
  2. SSD 9a. how?

    I farmed the first landing in Ant nest after patch. After about 2 hours i had 2 scale mail drop. These vendor for about 59K or crystalize for 271 crystals (or it was 251 can't remember exact number) I still have 5 shields from my previous ant/basilisk farming so i sold the crystals for 505a to one person and 485a to another. I used that money to buy my 4th EWD and still had some change left over for my pocket. I see the spoiler as a chronic scratch and win ticket player : We usually get squat, but once in a while we get a nice jackpot that puts us ahead. I could have sold shots if i wanted to sit down, but i was more than happy getting enough to buy the EWD scroll from 2 items.
  3. So being the bored person I am when grinding, I did another 4 hour session to cover the curse buff. as a level 33 scavenger with vip4 and fighting the same ants / basilisks as yesterday : 74,214 adena 120,202 (vendor value) Uncommon items included in vendor value 12 recipe : blessed spiritshot (D-Grade) 3 recipe : dwarven trident 4 bronze shields
  4. Recovery for Bounty Hunter (HP/MP)

    Just curious. Is SE better than Prophet as a dualbox for scavenger?
  5. Still trying to find out what is considered normal adena gathering rates when farming. I ran today for 4 hours with the Halloween buff and manged to make 53% exp (dinged 33) This is what I gathered in that time from fighting : ants and basilisk adena : 79,229 Mats : 98,518 (vendor value) Uncommon items included in mats value : 1 bone helmet 2 bronze shields 1 recipe : shilen knife 1 recipe : dwarven trident 1 recipe : elven bow 6 recipe : blessed spiritshot (D-grade) Just curious how much quicker I should be making adena.
  6. So i played approx 2 to yesterday on my 31 to 32 scavenger. During that time i gathered 58k (vendor sell prices) in materials from spoil / drops off green / white mobs. I wasn't tracking adena drops but i do have a spreadsheet i made to track what the value of all the mat's i'm carrying are worth. That 58K includes the vendor value of recipes : Artisan frame, brigadine helm, iron boots, Shilen knife I played live years ago and don't recall actual drop rates, but how much adena should we be making an hour to progress normally?
  7. drop rate l2wiki

    I had a recipe drop on the weekend and wiki didn't list that mob as dropping it. I did a bit of digging and found this site (i'm sure % are off for classic) https://l2.dropspoil.com/npc/20087/ant-soldier.html It clearly showed the ant is suppose to spoil the recipe and i had killed about 6 ants by the time i got one.
  8. on Aden i've never gotten more than 1 unit to drop / spoil, but on rare occurrences i have had 2 / 3 items spoil or 2 items drop from 1 kill. I', currently level 26 and this is fighting spiders / bears and cats. The spiders are dropping coral earrings (2 sofar). But the spoil rate if definitely low. You can go 10-20 kills with no spoil / drop and then get 1-3 in a row, but its always 1 unit dropping.