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  1. Is that the reason the game is full of bots? There's even automatic play ... Is it because of lack of time, really? They say no, L2 is not a P2W game! That's why the post ... A little outburst ... There are other ways to make money than thousands of items that break the original mechanics, the essence of the game ...
  2. Hi everyone... I don't know exactly how to get started. What I have to say is simple indeed, but I think there are several players who feel the same. Lineage 2 is a game that was part of our childhood and adolescence and brings us a lot of nostalgia. Several of us would like to play that "old school" where it is difficult to get items, which would eventually spark the resolve; something that moved us to run after. Adulthood calls, but there are those who would have time to play the "eternal L2". Is there any possibility ...? Is there anyone who can bring back some of those nostalgic momen
  3. How we can make a petition? Someone start it please! OMG D: All servers would be 1 box!!! T_T
  4. There's a lot of ppl trying just to play... We can't log in to activate VIP status, so start a new server GMT-4 it's a good choice. Guess limit one client per IP will bring the "real classic experience" (not joking).
  5. That's the full classic experience...
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