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  1. L2wiki is up and running, the issue must be at your end
  2. Of course it won’t, this NCWest you’re talking about. It can only get worse
  3. I think, this basically sums it up. Same experience with NCWest, gave them another chance with classic, just to find out, that nothing has changed in last few years and this so called “hardcore” experience is a joke - the only hardcore here are bots. Anyway, I have to thank them, as they made me curious to try Innova back in November and i actually enjoy it, just subbed another account there without the feeling of wasted money cheers
  4. There’s very little chance, they will give you money back, however you should be able to claim it with your credit card provider or PayPal(fraud/scam).
  5. Yeah, I agree, that it’s easier to make Adena and equip one self on Skelth, as they have proper x1 rates due to subscription based model. My intention was just to show, that even with the right rates, that specific spellbook is still the hardest and most costly to get. In the end I did buy it on Skelth for 9.9kk Adena.
  6. Sharing accounts is illegal as per EULA, but it is hard to prove and the rule is rarely enforced. However, if you loose anything because of account sharing, NCSoft will not help you in any way @qwintopwnzd are you slow, a troll or just dumb?
  7. If you plan for pve Meele style, then Crystal Dagger (+?+...if you can afford it) with Othell 6+(once they introduce runes), later Demon Dagger with above rune. You’ll outdamage the shadow at some point. +Str-con/dex dyes
  8. One more thing, get your own lvl 20 crafter alt for D shots - crafting the gloves/boots from the key mats dropping in Orc barracks, then breaking into D crystals and crafting D shots you can get SSD at ca 7.5a/each.
  9. With that starter gear you should be able to quite efficiently kill succubus(x1 ho mobs) at spider nest (while doing spider quest on the side) - they drop a good amount of Adena, iron ore, varnish and devotion tunic/stockings quite often. Just have some antidotes with you as they poison. Farm till 25, get your self at least low D weapon, make the moon armor quest and move to orc barracks(x2 mobs). As outlaw said, good Adena drop as well as coal, charcoal, bones, cokes and low D jewelry, gloves, helmet, top NG weapon(from dogs). Collect key parts of bone helmet - sell them at min 1k Adena at ma
  10. Was fine yesterday. Must have go down this night. No info on Innova discord about it
  11. Funny thing is, I have seen recently a guy talking on discord, how he gets captcha on his legit account daily, while his Adena making bot trains are roaming freely and uninterrupted, lol have fun guys;)
  12. DW SB is Hard to get on Skelth as well, even with proper x1 rates. It cost several kk Adena as well there(i’ve seen only 1 so far @ 11kk)
  13. They did answer(Juji) already weeks ago - pre 40 areas have been adjusted for drop as the drop tables were wrong and the rest is working as intended for F2P version of the game, followed by the statement the post 40 areas won’t be subject to adjustments. Deal with it or move on. happy holidays cheers
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