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  1. On 2.01.2019 at 3:40 AM, xHaseo said:

    Not into NCWest servers. I may say lots of things but i'm pretty sure mods wont allow me to. Guess that telling honestly without any censurship how things are, hurt them. 
    So either join for real the "no-handed" players or quit any game that this company offers. There is pretty much nothing in the between. Playing legit is totally useless and not 'rewarding' since everyone else is free to do as they want w/o any penalty. 
    This company is a failure and every old player, like me, knows about it. I gave them a last chance, the ruined it so GG. I'm playing once in a while just to chill when i'm solo, but everywhere i go i just find "robots". And since there's no more queue, i'm not even levelling the VIP, who cares.
    So it's totally useless to waste ur time with them, all they care is numbers and profit. As long as they got numbers, who cares if legit or not, it's fine. As long as people will buy from NCStore and from their "partners", if you know what i mean, it's all fine. 
    I mean, they have no clue how to manage a game and what they are doing, you can clearly see it from the fact they are not able to announce anything in the right way. Telling everyone that "level for chars is capped at 70" but then going like "nooo, sorry, our bad. We actually showed you that level cap was 70 buuuuut, we were wrong. There is no cap!".
    They call this "nostalgic hardcore" but then our rates are broken (just saying, NCEU servers calculate the drop rate of a spellbook around 0.01% chance. Our rates are way lower than their. Good luck buying Death whisper, Haste or CDL for 10kk. Or good luck dropping them since drop rate is insanely low and all mobs are locked by "robots"), they are far from being how they were in the "old days" and then we get this kind of events where they boost XP by 70% or where you must be online to get rewards. I'm pretty sure we didn't had this events in our "nostalgic hardcore" servers back in C4. So there's nothing here of "nostalgic hardcore", this is a totally new """hardcore""" experience. That gets softcore if you do as everyone and get an help from "outside".
    Good luck dude. 

    I think, this basically sums it up. Same experience with NCWest, gave them another chance with classic, just to find out, that nothing has changed in last few years and this so called “hardcore” experience is a joke - the only hardcore here are bots. Anyway, I have to thank them, as they made me curious to try Innova back in November and i actually enjoy it, just subbed another account there without the feeling of wasted money


  2. 3 hours ago, Wasted said:

    This is not Support ! This is Judgement !

    1 thing i know. i start this game with my girl friend to have fun and i dont have fun ! tell this to your boss . 
    i never use anything ilegal and u make me ask your mercy like a kid . i am 33 years old with a son .
    just bye
    Give me my money back from VIP now!

    There’s very little chance, they will give you money back, however you should be able to claim it with your credit card provider or PayPal(fraud/scam). 

  3. 19 hours ago, PoloCelas1 said:

    Hi, i intend to start mage class to farm adena. I have EE and SE already, so no problem with mana. Is better to go dark elf wizzard for his high INT or rather light elf with high WIT and more m.crits? (and use +10%m.atk robe set) Or human for some reason? Thx for reply.

    In your case, dark elf

  4. 17 hours ago, Zeeki said:

    But on skelth is far easier for adena.


    Also Manashen Gargoyle have in drop list 8 full items and 3 spellbooks (ofc included SW) with 0.01% — 0.05%

    Somehow after killed thousands of mobs even with VIP 4 I did nos got any full drop or spell book.


    Something is definitly f** hard with drop rates on this version. Esspecially when think this pathetic corpo was give to random people few top D weapon in event. That is nor fair for playing players and paying consumers.

    Yeah, I agree, that it’s easier to make Adena and equip one self on Skelth, as they have proper x1 rates due to subscription based model. My intention was just to show, that even with the right rates, that specific spellbook is still the hardest and most costly to get. In the end I did buy it on Skelth for 9.9kk Adena. 

  5. 20 hours ago, L2Police said:

    hi sharing accoung is legal? look this 2 stream use same account: 1º login they archer and he logout and go sleep later login the other guy.

    [moderated content]

    So is legal this?

    Sharing accounts is illegal as per EULA, but it is hard to prove and the rule is rarely enforced. However, if you loose anything because of account sharing, NCSoft will not help you in any way

    @qwintopwnzd are you slow, a troll or just dumb?

  6. With that starter gear you should be able to quite efficiently kill succubus(x1 ho mobs) at spider nest (while doing spider quest on the side) - they drop a good amount of Adena, iron ore, varnish and devotion tunic/stockings quite often. Just have some antidotes with you as they poison. Farm till 25, get your self at least low D weapon, make the moon armor quest and move to orc barracks(x2 mobs). As outlaw said, good Adena drop as well as coal, charcoal, bones, cokes and low D jewelry, gloves, helmet, top NG weapon(from dogs). Collect key parts of bone helmet - sell them at min 1k Adena at market, collect quality leather gloves lining and leather boots lining and craft them, then break for d crystals. Stay in orc barracks until mobs get light blue(after orc sentinels and footmans move to the barracks to skirmishes and prefects - these drop low armor/weapon D)

    In general, even tho spoil is broken especially at higher levels, make a spoiler for 1-40 spoiling, you can always abandon it afterwards. Succubus spoil iron ore and varnish at decent rate(9 out of 10). Orc barracks has nice spoil of CBP, coal and skins as well as ton of trash that you can always vendor.

    You can run in duo with your sk with or w/o shots - you’ll lvl slower, but gain more Adena per level this way. Don’t use xp scrolls(from daily AI or whatever) later on as they give just exp and no sp and you miss Adena from good old grind

  7. On 26.12.2018 at 9:54 PM, Redgar28 said:

    ROFL :D DeathWhisper SB sell offer 11kk :D 40.lvl spell book somethink is realy WROOOOOONG here :D we NEED FIX HERE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    so how i can get it ... Use bot to farm adena (imposible to farm SB too many ppl and too few mobs) or buy Adena for more than 70$ cool....

    DW SB is Hard to get on Skelth as well, even with proper x1 rates. It cost several kk Adena as well there(i’ve seen only 1 so far @ 11kk)

  8. 1 hour ago, KlausMorgan said:

    1 month passed and not one answer... they just keep ignoring us... who pays their sellers. 

    They did answer(Juji) already weeks ago - pre 40 areas have been adjusted for drop as the drop tables were wrong and the rest is working as intended for F2P version of the game, followed by the statement the post 40 areas won’t be subject to adjustments. Deal with it or move on.

    happy holidays


  9. 47 minutes ago, Noviscki said:

    I have 2 character level 52 and only have the SET + JEWELRY or WEAPON + JEWELRY.... it's too high cost to get the TOP C itens even farming

    I’m talking main character, who said something about gearing your box(party) in top gear and why would you even need it at those levels, lol?

  10. 48 minutes ago, DemonBlast said:

    The worst is I have spent money on over 5k NcCoin and will not get refunded. They give me a BS excuse for 3rd party software but have never done anything of the sort


    Check refund with PayPal/ credit card company, maybe this is still viable

  11. 1 hour ago, DwarfDaddy said:

    The adena and drop rate HAS to be fixed and WHAT THE HECK... THE TELEPORT FEES ARE BANKRUPTING PEOPLE!!!! Mark my word... the servers WILL be a complete failure in the upcoming months and the player attendance will drop 10 fold. 

    It’s been already stated by NCWest staff that the rates are now working as intended and there will be no further changes. Either adapt to it or quit, that’s the 2 (legal) choices you have

  12. 8 hours ago, Alejandra said:

    more people now confirmed me that database is wrong, and mosnters dont drop books and you only can obtain them from aden quest


    but what aden quest? lvl 40 44 or 44 49?


    then this was the biggest secret shared in the community? scam legit players through a fake official database, while they set books at 10kk or 100kk in aden?




    rollback the community to year 2005 please, bye

    If with database you mean lineage 2 classic wiki, then the database is perfectly correct... for Skelth EU. There is no official drop database for NCWest Classic. The L2wiki is still correct in terms of which monster drops what stuff, just the NA drop Chance is significantly lower. Even on Skelth, with correct x1 rates, getting the right book is hard

  13. 6 hours ago, Devoid said:

    @Hime @Juji

    Japan is getting Fafurion/Secret of the Empire on 2018-12-12, Taiwan on 2018-12-19, so when are we getting it? The current classic is a total mess anyway, so there's no reason not to move to the latest international build (and game client) asap.

    If I recall Skelth is getting it early next year as well. NCWestfail probably get’s it as the last one, plus count ~2 months of bugs after release before “fixes” will get applied. 

  14. 4 hours ago, imdieying said:

    Confirmed through screenshots and videos on fraps


    -Stem [90]: always cheap. Needed for Metal Hardener so more useful than Durable Braid.
    -Durable Braid [225 in NPC]: **** material. Sell this material in shop if you need money.
    -Suede [135 in NPC]: **** material. Sell this material in shop if you need money.
    -Silver nugget [300]: too many in market. If you can´t sell to players, sell in NPC @ 225.
    -Thread [100]: **** material for long time. Now is valuable due to less players farming in low level areas.
    -Cord [470]: crafted with thread, so it´s price depends on it. Used only to craft Crafted leather.
    -Iron ore [190]: usually cheap.
    -Varnish [550]: so volatile price. Keep it if players pay less than 400. Its price goes up and down periodically.
    -Steel [2200]: stuck price for long time. Dropped in tons in high level areas. Notice that crafting steel doesn´t worth, 5x Varnish + 5x Iron Ore is always more expensive. So if you need Steel, buy it directly, do not waste your Varnish (Varnish is need also for Varnish of Purity)
    -Coal [450]: so volatile price as Varnish, but it has been stuck for last months.
    -Charcoal [450]: as Thread, **** material for long time, but then its price rises suddenly due to less players farming in low level areas. Used only for Cokes.
    -Cokes [2700]: 3x Coal + 3x Charcoal. Cokes price depends on its basics; Cokes is not dropped so much (it happens with Steel, but not with Cokes).
    -Animal skin/Leather [100/600]: forever stuck price. Only for craft Crafted Leather.
    -Crafted Leather [7500]: its price depends on thread and coal, so it has been changing along time. Never over 10k and never under 6k.
    -Metallic Fiber [315 in NPC]: mostly useless, few needed for B grade crafting. Sell in NpC is you need money.
    -Animal Bone/Coarse Bone Powder [650/6500]: tons required to craft anything, always needed. Keep them and wait to sell at maximum price.
    -Stone of Purity [25000]: always needed. Keep them and wait to sell at maximum price.
    -Oriharukon Ore [4000]: expensive at beginning, but now is cheap due to high drop in any area.

    Copy paste old posts from Innova forum? WTF?

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