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  1. Hit either Abandoned camp for varnish/I.ore or orc barracks for coal/skins/cbp/hgs and key parts drop for low d gloves/boots/helmet to craft them cheap and break into Dx. At OB you gonna get also some low D jewels drops. You can stay there till about 32-34, after that ant nest if you have a healer
  2. There’s no such thing as an online GM on L2 NCWest servers since I think 2009.
  3. This, or you can pay 66 € for a total of 4 months play on 3 accounts on L2 classic EU(subscription based)for unbroken rates, with a low population(very slowly growing) tho.
  4. You’re the one delusional here and probably havent played L2 on official NCWest servers either ever or in recent years. Take your own advice on saving face and look at the P2W in game shop on F2P Live server or P2W shops of other regions F2P classics, because it’s your future soon. Cheers
  5. They already posted like a week ago, that everything works as intended and they ain’t gonna change anything. Either, get used to it, or.(). -> (put here, whatever you want)
  6. SE for recharge and stigma, since vr is available through fish stew it’s not that much of a factor PP + vr fish stews(cheaper vs buying haste pots), if you think you can skip recharge i do run BH + PS + PP, I have to sit for MP(but ain’t an issue in my case due to RL factors), or I just grind on mobs which ain’t worth spoiling, while my MP regen Cheers
  7. Oh well guys, if you look for help on something, that a 7 year old could find in <1 min using google, you did pick the wrong forums so nice to see you two hold hands cheers
  8. I would not say it’s excessive in terms of Skelth market, there is no market for D grade. It just gives you something to support your shots D. I find it even more challenging to make low lvl Adena on Skelth, than it was/is on NCWest Classic, due to no market for mats/d or c key parts
  9. I’m playing since 2 weeks on Skelth and can see the difference of proper x1 vs NCWest with VIP3(now vip 2 since I logged here for the first time in 2weeks). On Skelth I get 1 full(jewelry/armor, not weapon) d grade drop approx every 30 min in OB, together with a proper spoil and mats drop but the Adena is lower a bit. Was also lower on spider nest vs NCWest, so seems NC boosted the Adena pre 40 more than x1, which support bots/farmer enterprises
  10. Had to correct my self as i’m A bit drunk and can’t edit previous post, lol @leoniums7 true, ain’t worth spending any money on it at all now that there’s no queue anymore and it’s screwed big time on drop/spoil rates
  11. Nope, the weekend boost rates are not like Innova, just Adena is increased a bit. 3h farming OB, 0 full drops on green/white mobs while Skelth same time farm 6 full drops on VIP 2 and a ton of mats/parts and even more spoils
  12. As me and some others stated in several posts on this forums in the past few weeks, that they ain’t gonna fix sh1t and players need to adapt. We’ve been called trolls or worse. Et voila! now waiting for the hard version of the in game shop with broches and stuff, since the soft milking of your wallets might not yield the expected revenue anymore;) Enjoy! Cheers Nostradamus
  13. In the past people were just playing MMOs, now it’s been replaced by “investing” in MMOs. Sad Back to the topic - unless you plan to spend at least 0.5-1k $/month in the near future to stay competitive(not considering the peanuts now in store, but what will be certainly added “soon”), then no, it’s not worth to invest, nor to play it Cheers
  14. Everything here works as intended, when will people finally realize that?
  15. Oh, did you expect a hug, or something? Thank your own laziness
  16. It’s not about being jealous or not jealous, at least not in my case. We’re merely discussing the topic of Top D OE and, if there’s no fault play to the process(as contrary to what the topic starter suggested), even better I’ve seen somewhere on Skelth forum an experiment with different enchant scrolls on mage and meele weapons, but for some reason can’t find it anymore.
  17. Apart of conspiracy theories, EU/RU servers are not 6-7 weeks old...
  18. If I’m not mistaken after “tweaking”, we would then have same shitty rates(less than x1)as KR or JP, whereby JP VIP4 gives you 250% drop increase rate(dunnow about if KR VIP tier bonuses are same with JP ones)
  19. @Aghast and @burgerking we are not mocking you(well, maybe a little) You need to face the reality, that the things won’t change here, maybe they will slightly fix rates just to keep vast part of the “community” paying before they introduce the real P2W shop for the heavy loaders(mixa’s sarcasm about beast ss in shop would be a minor change in that case). All the newbies setting high hopes for game breaking improvements, posting suggestions(what ppl including my self, call “nonsense”) - they all gonna be plain disappointed sooner or later. That’s, why you should start looking for ways to adapt
  20. Oh, I get there is problem or at least you have a problem with that. And when there’s a problem, there’s always a solution, question is - do you have the endurance to find it?
  21. Yeah, because creating multiple accounts to get the enchant scrolls from the daily quest is rocket science. You have truly secret L2 knowledge, thanks for enlighting the community
  22. Let me burst your bubble... repeatedly posting useless suggestions like yours, which ain’t gonna be implemented on retail(I mean ever, deal with it) is said spam actually Cheers
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